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WhiteSmoke Writing Software

WhiteSmoke Writing Software

WhiteSmoke develops writing software. In addition to the traditional English grammar, spelling, and punctuation checks found in word processors, WhiteSmoke provides an enrichment feature that suggests context-based additions to users’ texts, plus an online dictionary that includes translations and a thesaurus. The patented technology stimulates the human thought process when it reads, classifies, and stores millions of English texts.

The company developed this artificial intelligence tool that is able to scan databases from news sites such as CNN and The New York Times, and studies documents from Harvard and Yale on an ongoing basis to learn how English sentences are used real-time in business, medicine and every-day life.

When a user activates WhiteSmoke software he sends text to the server, which then parses the text and returns it to the user with relevant choices for text enrichment. WhiteSmoke software is compatible with all applications; the user’s text is automatically sent to the WhiteSmoke server upon activation. An OEM version also exists, consisting of a set of client and server tools that enable websites and writing platforms to provide users access to WhiteSmoke.

WhiteSmoke has been in business for three years. Notable investors include Shlomo Touboul, evolution VC, and Yair Goldfinger, a founder of online chat giant ICQ.


  1. Whitesmoke is a “horrible” company to deal with. They have a 30 day money back policy that is basically fraudulent. We purchaed the software without seeing the 4 point (tiny) footnote on their site that states that it requires you to be connected to the Internet at all times. Unfortunately there are some times for a writer when this is not possible. On the same day that we purchased the software we informed them of our dissatisfaction with it and asked for a refund. Over 60 days later we are still waiting for one. Their only response – “It can take over 30 days for a refund”. Why does it take over 30 days for a refund? Nobody knows. We ended up buying another software product named StyleWriter, which is “much” better — while we wait for WhiteSmoke to refund our money. Don’t let your money go up in “Smoke” with WhiteSmoke!

  2. Hi

    My name is Ofer Chermesh and I establish a company named Ghotit ( that develops different internet services that helps dyslexics (5-17% of the population) to perform better in their day to day activities.

    For many reasons regular spellchecker don’t work effectively with people how suffers from dyslexia Ghotit first solution is an online context sensitive spell checker that is capable to coupe with severe spelling mistakes and misused word for example Ghotit will offer a user that spells “I will be happy to meat you at 8 o’clock” to change the word meat to meet.

    In order to improve Ghotit performance we need to receive inputs from people how know the problem.

    I will be happy if you will be willing to ask people you know to take Ghotit for a test drive and send me there inputs to

    How to use Ghotit spellchecker:

    1) Make sure you are in edit mode. If not, press the Edit Text option.

    2) Enter your text. Currently up to 200 characters are supported. Remaining numbers of characters are presented in the bottom of the spellchecker.

    3) Run Check Spelling.

    4) Misspelled words are marked in red; suspected misused/out-of-context words are marked in blue.

    5) Perform corrections by right-clicking on the marked word.

    6) Review and select the correct words. To help you select the correct word Ghotit provides you a sub-menu with the definition of each candidate words. The selection of the correct word is performed in the sub-menu by selecting the option “Select candiate_word”.

    7) Once your have corrected/ignored all marked words, run the spellchecker again to perform to get additional Ghotit recommendations.

    8) Repeat the process till Ghotit states that it is done and has no more recommendations to provide.

    9) Press Edit Text to enter Edit mode so that you can copy the corrected text.

    Ofer Chermesh
    Phone Number +972 544 871 909

  3. Grammar software can never become as perfect as a human proofreader or an English grammar expert. WhiteSmoke’s grammar checker do provide a very good basic-intermediate grammar check, they do provide a free forum of grammar experts who will proofread their user’s (and any other visitor’s) writing assignments for a higher degree of grammar – free of charge!

  4. I made only good experiences using whitesmoke. Actually it’s quite pricey but I think it was worth it. The word spell checker is just a piece of cr.p

  5. I have been using the general Whitesmoke writing version for the past 6 months, and the only time I needed to call customer service, I was helped right away. I had a question about installing the product, and found a very patient and friendly person on the phone who helped me.

  6. Whitesmoke is exactly what I needed and I’m so happy my English teacher recommended it to me. It fixes my grammar mistakes and offers explanations about everything so you can learn from your mistakes. I love Whitesmoke and plan on using it for a long time!

  7. This product works, the grammar check helped me so much. Ever since I got whitesmoke my writing improved, I am positive.

  8. Simply a terrific product. I bought this for my kids to use at our home computer (they are ages 11 and 16 – my husband is Israeli and my kids’ first language is Hebrew). This has been a terrific supplement for their English instruction at school. Both of them love using WhiteSmoke because it sort of does the work for them, in terms of checking for grammar and offering textual enrichment. But, it is actually helping them to improve on their own as I can tell from their writing done at school and without the program.

    This is a great product, and the support I received when I called about a billing question was also reassuring.

  9. I been lookng at much sites to hlp my writing.

  10. Hey guys, I was looking to see if anyone agreed or disagreed regarding my feelings on WhiteSmoke, but I see that my comments are still waiting moderation.
    Can that be??

  11. I have been using Whitesmoke for a few months and I am knocked out with the corrections and the perfection of this software.
    I am using the templates which cover so many aspects that I truly don’t have to create my own letters. Simply paste and copy or press the insert button.
    I also enjoy the tips of the day. They are informative and useful.
    I am using the Tutorials, which in itself is a lesson. Most informative and a great software.
    I highly recommend it.

  12. Really useful tool, I’ll try to use it. By the way, I’ll also use synonyms finder to improve my writing skills.

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