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Moshe Chai Israeli – Our Moral Decay Victim on Video

Sometimes things happen that make you realize that we have lost all hope. Moshe Chai-Israeli (62) was killed yesterday while crossing a busy intersection. He was caught between a tow truck and a cement truck and was crushed to death. After his death, caught on video, he was left in the middle of the intersection for a few minutes as cars, trucks, bus drivers and basically hundreds of people went on their daily routine.

If a society is measured by its weakest link then what does this say about us? If we are now at a stage where a human life is not worth the time of day, we have finally reached the lowest point in our existence.

When I was a kid living in Tel Aviv, one of the things you could always count on was that if you fell in the street people would rush to help you. In fact it was sort of funny to see how everyone stuck their nose in your affairs, but it was nice. Gave a feeling of family, warmth, things we as Israelis have always prided ourselves on.
That is now over. We lost something as a nation that made us special.

Moshe Chai Israeli. Moshe, the name of our biblical father. Chai, the name that means life and Israeli, basically all of us.

I believe in signs. I think that Moshe Chai Israeli dying unnoticed in the middle of the road is one of those signs. As a nation and country that has known the wrath of God in all its forms we really need to watch it now !!


  1. How right you are!!! its a very serious warning sign to Israeli
    society,the lowest level of human solidarity, where are the
    reactions of so-called leaders??? what a shame on us all.

  2. There is nothing more that one can add – you said it all so well.
    There is a comment about reactions of so called leaders, what

  3. this story is highly depressing and very saddening! i’m quite sure, basing from the video that moshe haim israeli’s body cannot be possibly mistaken as a dead cat’s or dog’s. totally alarming!

  4. Are you serious? Has Israel changed that much since I’ve last visited it?

    That is very concerning!


  5. YES ! The country lost its sole.

  6. This is indeed a sign of the times in which we live. And as incredibaly sad as it is, I think this video could have been made in any country on the planet.

  7. Indeed, this poor man’s death being ignored is an ignominious sign for us all. I believe, however, if it had been a dog or cat instead of a human being, people would have responded swiftly, distressed but with compassion.

  8. All that has been said is quite true concerning this very
    sad incident. Even a dead dog might have gotten more attention!

    This incident used to be the case in cities like New York City.
    Since 9-11 even that city has softened it’s heart.

    In ancient Israel, the biblical prophets would warn the people to
    repent or face impending doom.

    Where are Israel’s prophets now? Or, like another commentorwrote:
    “It’s just signs of the times”. Well, the “signs” are here now.

    And so is the ‘writing on the wall’.

  9. Right you are Maurice. Consider what softened the hearts of New York and turned so many in the US back to God. And hope and pray that it doesn’t take a major catastrophe to waken the world. There are certainly enough of them impending. We should all be encouraging each other toward a Loving relationship with our Creator and one another.

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