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Chinese Internet Scam – Buying Center & Trip To China – Guilin Youlianshiye

Once in a while you come across some cute Internet scams, this is one I call The Visit To China, Buying Center Scam.

This is the Chinese latest scam online and its geared towards small and medium businesses. The idea is simple. You approach a business as a Buying Center in the city of Guilin, China (apparently the new Lagos, Nigeria), and you claim to be interested in a large test order of anywhere from $250,000 to $500,000. You provide a URL and full contact information so this looks half decent. Of course the greed kicks in and you ignore some obvious signs; like the fact that the person writing you is using a Hotmail account and that the email addresses on the site are also Hotmail. The fact that this is a Chinese company buying products for thousands of dollars without even negotiating on the terms. They agree to wire the money and provide a Letter of Credit and everything. AND….here is the catch. You need to come to China to sign the big, fat contract.

Now people that have actually gone (and many have), find that while they are there, they get the hotel arrangement and city tours all arranged by the “company” (for a commission no doubt). Also, they ask the seller to buy a gift for the CEO of the company (apparently an “old Chinese custom”) and the gift is normally $5,000-10,000. Of course the hosts are gracious and nice the whole time. Then the signing happens and the happy seller goes home and that’s it. He never hears from them again.

I was told that this is a capital offence in China and I just hope the authorities catch these people and provide them with their just reward. I think that encouraging tourism is nice but there must be better ways.
To the “business owners” – If something looks to good to be true – IT IS !!

Here are some of the names and contact details these companies operate under:
Sa Yuweixing
Guilinyoulianshiye Co. LTD
F 0086-773-5850161
P +8613768744644
Purchase center
Second floor 48 dong Luandong district,
No.10kongmingxi Road
Guilin Guangxi China 541004
GuiLin ShengJing (International) Investment
Guilin Shengjing International Investment Co.
Room 418 ,Nancheng Shopping Mall
26 Lijiang Rd.,Qixing District,
Guilin 541004
Tele : 0086-7735815366


  1. I still remember the Nigerian crooks with their faxes sent to every
    business, offering great fortunes,it looks like the Chinese are
    becoming the champions in everything including scams.

  2. Confucious says:

    “He who buys fish that lay too long in sun – get fishey smell
    that won’t go away even if you wash hands in rose water.”

    Chinese copy everything – even how to screw you!

  3. Regis Cimmati

    July 9, 2007 at 2:57 pm

    Dear all,

    I would like to thank you for those precious info about Guilin youlianshiye Co. LTD.
    I have been contacted by Fiona Wang from this scam company recently. They were supposed to look for a huge volume of French wines for their channels. To be honnest, they had not even try to negociate a price and wanted to order the whole range of my wines without even tasting it! My insurance comapny had never heard about them and that is why I did some research on the net.
    I feel sorry for all honnest chinese people because with company like Guilin youlianshiye Co. LTD, nobody will trust anymore China and this country will certainly face a huge crisis after the Olympic Games.

    Thanks again,


  4. Thank you for this website that now I’m aware of the on going scam that made by China and Nigeria.

    Philippine Century Furniture Products INc.

  5. There are many scam companies in Guilin, all using the “come to China to sign the contract” scam. Look out for the following as well;

    Guilin or Guangxi Union
    Lyon International also trading under the name Liang Touzi
    Guilin Kangyuan

    They start up new companies everytime the old ones gets exposed, so beware of anything from Guilin, the cahnces are it is not genuine, and whatever you do don’t go there, it will be a waste of time and money.

    Just type in Guilin scam companies into Google and follow all of the threads, it make interesting reading, and hopefully will prevent some people from being duped into going there.

  6. Just want to let you know all written up there is true. I was approached by this company sometime ago. I thought this is a scam from start so I ignored the email. However they kept coming so I thought lets check those people who they really are.
    I have hired an audit company called Vtrust for mare 600USD to check them out. HAHA this was great they wne in made many photos of the place talked to the people working there and all looked perfect. Their only sugestion was to recieve 100% prepaymnet before sending my stock. Accualy the report looked good !!! Well I cant blame them they did their job right. So here we go I start to think those people are maybe a bit unexperianced but they are there and want to trade so why not. After all some cultural diffrencess are not alwasy well preceived and this might have been one of them. I got my ickets for me and my assitant and was about to leave in 2 days when i found those comments and some others on alibaba. This was like a blow to my head. I thought u silly you havent done your homework properly and you will lose 50% of the plane ticket fare now. Well once you get in contact with those people you will know those comments are right and all people wrothe here is 100% true it opens your eyes qite fast. I think people should help each other and post info like this as much as possible so thank you to people who started it you saved me some pocket money. Cheers

  7. Just doing some research into a company after receiving an e-mail from them asking for me to quote for my services, I of course replied but it def looks like a scam of some sort but I could not work out what until I read this thread.

    Getting companies to go to China seems like a reasonable thing to do but with each e-mail it was obvious they were not negotiating in fact they even wanted to pay for 12 months services up front.

    Any company with half a brain would know thats just not done in any country, especially as it was them who suggested it. If they had been more business business wise I might have thought twice so its back to the same old saying if its to good to be true it probably is.

    Anyone ever heard of these guys ?

    China Shenyang Lofty ambition-Asia Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd

    Dear Sirs and Madams,
    Our Company is a Commercial Collective division rewarding corporative qualification in Shenyang. Now we have a training inquiry. Through the Internet we know you’re powered parachute training Center and can supply the service we need. We consult your Center that we organize 300 persons to oversea to have powered parachute trainin this year.
    The following cooperate items will be emailed to your Company. In order to negotiate it please calculate it seriously. They are all beginners and they are all very looking forward to flying in the sky, close to nature, feel breathtaking and adventure trip. All our people hope to attend the training which can obtain certificates, they hope through training, they can solo flight and they are also very favourable to flight several times. Their ages are between 20 and 40 years old, their weights are between 40kg and 90kg. They are all come from China, they don’t speak English, we can provide one interpreter for each three students to assist instructor to take training.
    1. If you can accept this inquiry, please inform us how many days do you need to attend such training for each person?
    2. How much will need for each person?
    3. We hope you can provide accommodation for them (3 stars hotel or other Inn with equal condition, you can arrange 2-4 people in each room).
    4. How many people can you train each week or each month?
    5. Can you provide transport from Airport to your training area and to hotel? Please quote us price with EURO, USD format that including eating, accommodation, transportation and training fee.
    We hope that if you can accept this inquiry, please inform us the Competitive Price, Facility Address, Contact Phone, Contact Person, Mobile Phone Number to our Company as soon as possible, in order to have a good decision-making, if there is another un-detailed question, we will solve further in the Contract and discuss face to face.
    We are looking forward to have a successful cooperation!
    Linkman: Chenghao Xu
    Tel: 0086-24-82044698
    Fax: 0086-24-82044698
    Mobile: 0086-13478847904
    Company E-mail:
    Add: North Section Heping Road, Shenyang City
    Post Code: 110000

  8. Oh we’ve heard of the Lofty Ambition Of China. Ignore their email like you would any other spam.


  10. We talked with the Lofty Ambition Of China as well. Contact person is different but address and phone numer is the same. They studied our website and approached us quite professionaly. After receiving our quote, they accepted our offer and invited us to China for singing contract. oh oh. I still think they might be serious


  12. Ok Chaps i was caught by them.
    I even met the people.
    What i cant understand is what do they make in this deal. The only money i was out by was my trip to China and my hotel i stayed in. I cant see where they make money.
    I paid the air tickets and hotel but nothing to them. The excuse they used to not see me and sign the final contract was the Earthquake had damaged one of there buildings.
    I have since flown back and have had no contact with them.
    They even collected me from the airport and took me to my Hotel at 12:30am. From that time i had no further contact. I decided not to leave my room and wait for them to collect me for the contract signing. I was wondering if it is not a ploy to get your there and if you leave your room they would steal you blind by having access to your room.

  13. Irecived zhe same stupid story in Germany from:

    Linkman: Chenghao Xu
    Tel: 0086-24-82044698 Tel: 0086-24-82044698
    Fax: 0086-24-82044698 Fax: 0086-24-82044698
    Mobile: 0086-13478847904 Handy: 0086-13478847904
    E-mail: E-Mail:
    Website: Website:
    Company E-mail: Firma E-Mail:
    Add: North Section Heping Road, Shenyang City Hinzufügen: Nord-Abschnitt Heping Road, Shenyang City
    Post Code: 110000 Post Code: 110000

  14. Tony, an international investigation is well under way. Please watch this site and I will give an update. I will also give you my contact information soon

  15. The following letter is what I received out of the blue. Sounded good, because golf is booming in China, but too many red flags as the conversations progressed. Why the hell would I go to China to sign a contact? I did communicate as long as possible just to have a bit of fun, but they stopped replying.

    China Shijiazhuang Shenzhouyilong Trade Co., Ltd

    Dear Sirs and Madams
    Our Company is a Commercial Collective division rewarding corporative qualification in Shijiazhuang. Now we have a training inquiry. Through the Internet we learn your Company from Internet that you’re Golf training center. We consult your company that we have a 80 persons VIP tour group to oversea to have Golf training this year, they are all leaders and senior Administration Staffs in the company, we can divide these 80 people into 8 smaller groups, each group is 10 people, after first group finished their training, we can arrange another group to go over to your facility to start their training, the rest group can be done in the same manner.
    They are all come from China, they don’t speak English, and we can provide two interpreters for each 10 people to assist their training.
    They are all beginners, they don’t have any Golf experience. We hope you can use your experience and speciality to teach them Golf rudiments knowledge. They all hope they can learn following courses:
    (1) Usage and explanation of Golf club, stand posture, hold golf club, and aim at ball
    (2) Half swing the club technique, swing the club theory
    (3) Golf protocol; Golf practical rule; common Golf terminology
    (4) Full swing the club technique, swing the club theory
    (5) Empty swing the club practice, develop memory of muscle
    (6) Intensive guidance courses
    So that they can raise their business negotiation and social acceptability in the future during signing the contract.
    I am not sure if you can accept? If you can, please inform us how long you need to train once? How much do you need for each person (inclusive of eating and accommodation)? Please quote us price with EURO or USD format.
    Look forward to your reply.
    Thank you for your cooperation. We expect your reply and wish both sides can have more cooperation in this field.
    We are looking forward to have a successful cooperation!
    Linkman: Hao Xu
    Tel: 0086-0311-66182016
    Fax: 0086-0311-66182016
    Mobile: 0086-15130097926

  16. By the way, I wanted it to be true too. But like has been said many times many ways {it is Christmas isn’t it?} “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”!

  17. It is all true, as my post above confirms, but since I made that post many more victims have been and paid the price, and bought the picture, painted by a local artist who works at the Guilin University. The list of company manes that I know about includes;
    Guanxi Union, Guilin Union, Guilin Youlian, Guilin Dongxin, Lyon International, Liang Touzi, Guanxi Kangyuan, Guilin Shenjing, Guilin Youlianshiye, Guilin Zho To, Guilin Changlong, Guilin Hua Neng, Guilin Shengwei, Guilin Tenghui but there are more in Guilin. The key men involved are called Kuber or Micheal Lee and Wang Kuang, assisted by a girl who calls herself Paris Long or Amanda, but she changes her name regularly, so don’t be fooled by any other name. I have posted photos of these people at
    This is not just restricted to Guilin, there are less sophisticated scams and scammers operating from Zhengzhou, Xi’an, Shanghai etc etc.

  18. I was also conned out of money by this company calling themselves China Shenyang Lofty ambition-Asia Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd, i cant believe i fell for it, Here is the first email i received.

    Dear Sirs and Madams,

    We learn your Company from Chamber of Commerce and Internet that you’re forklift driver training center.

    We consult your company that we organize around 2000 persons to oversea to have forklift driver training each year, I am not sure if you can accept? If you can, please inform us how long you need to train once? How much do you need for each person (inclusive of eating and accommodation)? Please quote us price with EURO format.

    Thank you for your cooperation. We expect your reply and wish both sides can have more cooperation in this field.

    Best regards from China

    China Shenyang Lofty ambition-Asia Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd

    Linkman: Chenghao Xu

    Tel: 0086-24-82044698
    Fax: 0086-24-82044698
    Mobile: 0086-13478847904


    Like a fool, i went to china, signed the contract and every thing. they put me up in a nice hotel and took me out for meals, the only thing i didnt do is but the bloke a gift.

    In total i lost £4600. I later found out that there was nothing i could do about it, I got my bank to communicate with the chinese bank which they did, the chinese bank then debited £55 from my bank for there services. Im with HSBC and a lot of use they was, they didnt give a dam.

    I feel sorry for the other british individuals who fell for this scam…….

  19. We have had contact from Golden Horse Real Estate Co Ltd of Zhengzhou. I would never fly there to sign a contract until the money’s in the bank.
    This one looks OK but i’m not excited till the cash arrives.
    Despite the thought of a huge contract with good profit, i’m not spending one cent before they pay.

    A very large American company gave press release about an $800K deal with Golden Horse.
    If they’ve been conned, they are too shy to admit it. I’ve emailed them asking how they went but no reply yet.

    Remember – the buyer is the guy who spends the money – not the seller.

  20. I have been approached to sell wines for china by:

    MONICA from
    Company£ºGuilin Inlian Co.,Ltd
    Address: No.10 Kongming Xi Road,Guilin city , Guangxi province, China 541004
    Telephone: +86 -0773-5679097
    Fax: +86-0773-5820183

    asking for information about the wines, they want samples, which of course they will notpay for, but did offre 30 % advance payemnt and letter of credit for the balance,

    NO good Businesses in GUILIN?

  21. Don’t know who they are but play it safe and make sure they indeed pay.
    I would also pick up the phone and call them.
    Ask to speak to the person who is emailing you.

  22. Guilin Inlian or is it Guilinyoulianshiye Co. LTD same address, and is it Ms Amanda, Ms Monica or Ms Jennifer. Ms Amanda has made several request for wine samples as well, wont pay for them etc etc, agree with all the above, be careful.

  23. I went to Quilin for a contract for French women’s clothes, and went through the same steps – hotel, meal, and a gift proposal for the CEO for $2000. Here are a list of fake companies that continue to be active at and ec21. I have concluded that their business is scam, because they stopped emailing me after I told them that I had ordered an investigation of their company from the Quilin Police Department.

    Andy Qin
    GuiLin ZhoTo TradingCo.,Ltd
    ZhongShangZhongLu No.45 Guilin Guangxi

    James Qin
    hC-GL Im-Ex Trading Co.,Ltd
    ZhongSshanZhong Lu, Xiufeng District Guilin Guangxi

    Guangxi BoYing (International) Trading Co.,Ltd.
    longyinyuan 1 Zone, No.28, Shijiayuan, Qixing dist Guilin Guangxi

    Springfield Impex Co., Ltd
    Address: 3 Fuxing Rd Guilin Guangxi Province P.R. China
    Postalcode: 541000
    Tel: +86-773-3959603

  24. We also had contact with Guangxi BoYing in autumn last year, it seemed to be a very professional company. I even let my Chinese assistant in Shanghai phone these people and evrything seemed to be serious. We negotiated via phone and e-mail. And when I had to go to Shanghai and Hong Kong for trade shows and a total 3 weeks biz trip anayway, I booked me a flight to Guilin from Shanghai just to have a look at this company.

    Thank god I mentioned this company to the director of Far Eastern Ltd., a business consultant agency in Shanghai during a lunch meeting and he warned me from that company, because he knew what´s going on there with this company. However, I could not change my flight and schedule anymore, so I just changed my hotel in Guilin and just left these guys waiting for me at the hotel where I was supposed to be picked up. At least, some punishment for these guys… waiting maybe one hour for me.

    Today we´re approached by Guilin Inlian Co.,Ltd.

    Guilin, the Mecca of Chinese scam companies!

  25. Greatly appreciate these comments. We have been approached by Guilin Inlian. The hot mail address isn’t a good sign, and no web site, but in searching I got though to your site. Many thanks.

  26. I was approached by Cherry Zhang allegedly of Springfield Impex. Usual pattern huge order, no debating terms, come to Guilin to sign contract, no money up front.
    I didn’t go, passed details onto Department of Trade. It cost me a bit of time and a few dollars in postage, but that’s all.

  27. be carefull with ROSE at GuiLin ZhoTo TradingCo.,Ltd ZhongShangZhongLu No.45 Guilin Guangxi they want to give us almost $ 250,000 value order for mineral water.
    aware, this is a scam company

  28. I know this company Guilin Inlian Co., Ltd.I did contact with this company and do business with them.I went to China to sign contract with the company and discuss future cooperation.They already pay the first payment to my company according to the contract.Now we already shiped one container.And will arrive the destinationport in
    China.So I think different people have different comment.But I trust them,because
    this is our second time doing business with them.

  29. Praveen Wadhonkar

    March 25, 2009 at 3:36 pm

    Yes, I also received invitation from 2 companies one is from Guilin(Springfield
    Impex) and second one from Haikou,hainan(Hainan Yuanyi Impex Co Ltd).
    They called me to sign a contract for milk powder.
    name of persons are Ms Alice from Springfield impex and Mr Binhabin from Hainan
    Yuanyi Impex Co Ltd.
    Similar story, they said their CEO is busy and for notarization of contract seller should come to China for signing the contract and so on.
    Thankfully I didnt go to China after reading this scam.but China should take note of such scam and they should punish these fraudulent people,if china want to
    Praveen Wadhonkar,INDIA 0091-9890232810

  30. From Spain, They are

    March 31, 2009 at 10:44 am

    Getting better, they actually negotiate a good price (market range) for my porducts, a discount, and sent me a contract (quite basic, as a matter of fact)

    But after a real proof (trial order, saying that I canoot come right now to China), bah, fakes!

  31. Dabria Wan from Inlian Co. Ltd is ALSO A FAKE.

    She will ask for samples and best price and finally she will need the contract signed personally in China….

    I am sorry to tell this but Alibaba is a bag full of scam bussineses…

    Not all that glitters is gold after all

  32. Hands up who thinks that Juliette (No28) works for Guilin Inlian Co! I received this email yesterday day from Ms Stephy.
    It is pleasure to receive your reply and thanks for your effective work.
    We want to perchase the finished makeup brushes, not a customising.
    All the time, our least order is 300,000 dollars.
    We usually pay 50% of the total value by T/T after we check the seller’s bank information,and the balance 50% by T/T within 7 days before all the goods ready to lade on the ship.
    We have just received your quotation,but i can not clearly konw it ,could you make the clear pricelist?And i can not find the pictures you said.

    Our company is a large nongovernmental business corporation,have nearly 280 staffs in the company.We have three important department including purchase department,sales department,financial department.the sales department has an experience group of the market,so we believe us can do the best in our market.We’re just only import good quality products,then only sell in the Mainland of China.

    We always insist that the quality is the principle of life in the filed of the foreign trade,and choose the foreign products of good qualities, offset the shortcoming of the market and buck for developing together.We own the professional meshwork of the distribution, professional group for the market to move and operate;and own the abundant support of the fund,insists on the idea of the distribution of the trademark ,and would like to open the market of the products in the Chinese Mainland with good manufacturers from all of the countries in the world together.

    And I have some questions below:
    1.Which country have you been exporting to? Do u have the agent in China?Are you manufacturer, wholesaler , tradesman or agent?Do you have own factory or office in China?
    2. Have u ever exported in China?
    3.How many you can offer the products in a month??
    4.If we place a big order,will u give us some discount?
    5.Do u have any certificates abt ur products?

    Anyway, China is a big country with the largest population in the world, so the sales channel is very wide.

    Our company is to import fine products from all over the world. We are very proud of this commitment and have a growing list of satisfied clients to show for it. Especially we import the products that can not be found in China mainland and the products we can find in the market but especially in foreign country. As an investment company, we import products which can bring us profit.

    After our first successful business, we’d like to become your sales agent in China ; we make good cooperation with several manufactures before like Japanese cosmetic and so on. Your products are very attractive so we think it will be popular with our customers. We also consider we can set up very well.

    If you want to get more information of our market, we suggest you come to Guilin to visit our company. We think it will give you a great helpful to make decision. Welcome to China and we will give you a warm welcome.

    We hope we can start our cooperation very soon. Look forward to your good news. Thanks a lot!
    Best regards,

  33. (I posted the comment 32) This company found me through TradeKey

  34. this mail is for Juliet-reply N°28.
    If you know them, please tell us which company are you from ! Guilin Inlian ltd has very suspicious behaviour. As a trial order, they sent me (i am running my own company of wine exportation) 9 containers of french wine. No way !! However the ask for 30% upfront payment & 70% irrevocable L/C = therefore, I have no view wether I would be fooled or not. Also important to notify : they to not want to show with whom they work with (suppliers). When you do fair business, you can gladly give 1 or 2 names of your suppliers – if ever you are pround and happy of them !!
    Juliet, who are you working for ???!!! show proof that you are not working for them. Your reaction is weird.

  35. @ comment 31:

    Below the text from China:

    Please check our inquiry list about your toffee candies and send us your best FOB price. (FOB one port of Poland)

    Since this is our first time co-operation, we ask the special discount.

    At the same time, we need know if the following item is ok to you. if yes, we would be glad to move on the business.

    1 have enough goods and capacity to offer to our company every year. That is to say, once we place the further order, we have the priority to get your goods.

    2 can support us for local promotion and trade sale men one time every year.

    3 send us free sample.

    4 as to the first order, we need you and your boss to come to our office make the brief introduce and trade to our sale men before make the shipment. Hold a meeting between your boss and our general manager, then sign a business contract.

    we do hope, you can accept our item too.




    Dabria Wang /

  36. We also had a similar story with the Hainan Yuanyi Import and Export co. (as mentioned above #29).

    They approached us to design, print and translate into several languages a large number of brochures for a series of expos around Europe.

    They obviously did their homework as everything seemed very “realistic” – they seemed to understand printing terms etc and the job was convincing in terms of what they were asking for. I was already slightly sceptical as it seemed “too good to be true” but our company became more alarmed when they asked for us to visit China to sign a contract etc.

    After finding reference to similar scams on the net, we emailed them saying we were happy to meet in China on receipt of partial payment of the job – to call their bluff. After this they seemed to continue contact for a short while (probably to try to keep it seeming authentic) but they soon stopped contacting us.

    If it seems to good to be true it usually is?

  37. We received similar contract from Xi’an Qinchang Trading Co to meet them urgently to sign by 10th may 09…can someone verify that they are from the same gang???
    Dear Raj,
    I am so sorry that I missed your calling .As I was not in the office yesterday.

    My adress :Xi’an Qinchang Trading Co,Ltd China.

    Eastern Part of South Second Ring.
    Xi’an .Shannxi Province,China

    Postal code:710061

    Reciever: Zhou Jinyuan
    +86 150 9406 7903

    Beware we went to guilinn and were scammed by Mr Wang Kuang in this typical PAINTING FOR CEO Scam
    We have on several ocassions reported the matter to the Chinese embassy as we have all the proof photo,s etc – result not even the decency of a reply.

  39. Recently I have been asked to go to China by Ms.Alice from GuiLin ZhoTo Trading Co.,Ltd, after reading these comments I do not really what to think about, because they seemed so serious, but they did not send me an invitation letter they are only interested me to go there in order to negotiate face to face. I do not really understand what they earn doing this fake.

  40. We have been approached by these four companies for our olive oil and cigarettes. I know that Guilin Zho To Trading Co, Ltd is a fraud because we have had dealings with them before. I’m sure that a from the company Y&L Foreign Trading co. of Guilin, Gaungxi is also, note the same city.The third co. is calling themselves,societe_dieudonne Cameroon, email address societe, a Mr. Dieudonne Fotso. The forth is a Mr. Kelly guz from England, email address Has any one had any dealings with any of these people. All have free email, Yahoo service which makes me think they are all frauds. Any information would be appreciated. Pac Rim Holdings

  41. Trung Nguyen

    May 4, 2009 at 1:12 pm

    I also got contacted by Xi’an Qinchang Trading Co., Ltd. China. Can anyone give me feedback on this company? Is this company fake as well?


  42. Dear Sirs,

    I want to add my name to the list of companies that had bad experience with GuiLin ZhoTo trading Co. I visited them and they used the same method and tried to get me to buy a very expensive present for their President. I refused and things got a little messy but it was a new and valuable experience. Please also add the names of Mo Aiyu, Ada Gong and Lucy to the list of contact people from this group.

    I have now been hearing about other Guilin companies that do this scam and have decided not to reply from any company from that city.

  43. Global Exchange

    May 14, 2009 at 7:14 am

    I was contacted by a company asking for samples for some of the products I sell. I do not send out free samples to companies that do not fill out my buyer questionnaire form.

    When I sent the company listed below a questionnaire they told me they were annoyed with me and other companies send them samples without one.


    It has questions about bank references, business references, company officers and contact information.

    As business owners / entrepreneurs we must protect ourselves from people who want to create a problem with our cash flow. We must remember to always excercise due diligence.

    Below is a copy of my questionnaire, only serious business prospects will fill this form out.


    Please return completed questionnaire to:_____________________________________________

    General Information

    Company name:_________________________________________________________________________________________

    Company address:_______________________________________________________________________________________ Telephone:___________________________________________ Fax:___________________________________________
    E-mail:______________________________________________ Web Site:_______________________________________

    Company Organization: Proprietorship____ Corporation____ Partnership____ Limited Liability____ Other____

    Date Organized____________________________________

    Principle officers or owners:

    1) Name:_________________________________________ 2) Name:_______________________________________
    Title:__________________________________________ Title:___________________________________________
    Home Address:__________________________________ Home Address:___________________________________
    _______________________________________________ _______________________________________________
    Home Phone:____________________________________ Home Phone:_____________________________________

    3) Name:_________________________________________ 4) Name:_______________________________________
    Title:__________________________________________ Title:___________________________________________
    Home Address:__________________________________ Home Address:___________________________________
    ______________________________________________ _______________________________________________
    Home Phone:___________________________________ Home Phone:____________________________________

    If your company is a subsidiary, list the name and address of parent company: _______________________________________

    Describe your company’s major business activities: ____________________________________________________________


    Bank name and complete address:___________________________________________________________________________
    Telephone/fax, E-mail:____________________________________________________________________________________

    U.S. Business references including names, address, telephone, fax, E-mail and Person to contact:

    Company name: GuiLin ZhoTo TradingCo.,Ltd

    Address: ZhongShangZhongLu No.45 HuaLianShangSha DuShiGuiGuan No. 2-5-3 GuiLin City ,GuangXi province,PRC

    Post Code: 541001

    Fax: 86-773-2830283

    Atten:Mr James(International marketing)

  44. ATTENTION!!! On society Xi’an Qinchang Trading Co.,Ltd.These are swindlers.Are from houk CHEATS!!!

  45. thank god I found all your comments and such sites in general. I was approached several time by
    Y&L Foreign Trading Co., Ltd.
    Building 48 LuanDong, No. Ten Western Road,Guilin, Guangxi China
    by CYNTHIA or Mengli
    Before that the contact was SPARROW from
    China Inlian Co., Ltd

    All of them asked for Export wines, showed decent interest and seemed to know something. When I took over for better communication they invited me to Guilin to meet the boss face-to-face. I had no time to do so while I am in China right now. So they responded by asking for samples of Icewine, only a few bottles, so that customs would not hold it back.

    Hope that helps, too. And again: Thanks!

  46. I feel pretty dumb as I write these lines. But after reading the posts here I am coming to terms with the possibility that it happened to me recently.
    Basically, it worked the same way you are describing it here: I got an email showing interest for one of our products. After a few ‘ping-pong’ emails negociating the terms for a $750k contract they asked me to come sign it in China. When asked, they said that because the client was the government they had to have an original stamp on the document… I also tried the ‘pay something in advance to show commitment’ trick but they claimed that the government will not pay this in advance and it’s imperative that we sign it there. They offered to take care of 50% of my travel expenses after they got the cash from their client.
    The odds being $2000+ (for a 3 night stay) vs. $750k contract, I ended up going to Beijing on mid April 2009. I bought a book on Chinese Etiquete and downloaded some podcasts to learn some basic Chinese…
    We finally had our meeting. Present were: the guy I had exchanged emails with (Zhang Lei), their “VP” called Wu Mingxuan – he appologized and said the wife of the CEO had an accident the night before so he couldn’t join…, their “CFO” (the guy with the official stamp) I never got his business card, and a woman translator (didn’t get her business card either).
    We had a 3 hour meeting in which they told me about their company. They said it was established in 1976 and that it had a staff of 47 and did a lot of import/export activities. In addition, they claimed to have two manufacturing facilities in the fields of “food” and “textiles”. They also told me that every year towards July the company has a special dinner for their business associates and they have this special event in which they come from all over the world and spend time together. They tour them around the facilities and socialize over dinner.
    After a while we went over the contract and when the translator said it was ok we went on and signed it. After this, I gave them a ‘corporate present’ I brought with me from the US (the book mentioned the importance of providing them with a gift…). They thanked me and then it started getting wierd: the “VP” suggested that in order to establish a good relationship with the company I should get a present for the CEO (who couldnt make it) and the 2 Presidents they have at corporate. I thanked him for the suggestion and told them I would have the hotel concierge take care of this. The VP insisted that we should do it now… that he has a few minutes and will gladly take me to a nearby shopping mall and will suggest something.
    We went to this mall and they wanted me to spend $250 per present (x3)… when I told them this was to much and that I was willing to spend $100, the woman suggested that instead of 3 we should perhaps get one really nice present for the CEO… The VP pointed out a few times that a carton of cigarettes is $100… that I should really give them a nice present.
    They pointed to this little frame with a golden ship and explained how this meant that we shall have a ’smooth’ relationship just as the ‘wind blows this ship’, etc. I said ok, and when I got the paper slip and when to pay at the cashier, I took the AMEX just on time because I noticed too many zeros on the register… I asked for a calculator and did my math: they were going to charge me $1800 USD… I told them this was way too much and that I would simply bring the CEO and the other 2 a nice present from the US when I came back on July. They insisted and that is when this whole thing kicked in… I told them that according to our tradition it was not nice to ’send someone a present’ and that I would simply bring it to them personally.
    After this, they escorted me to the door of the shopping mall and we said goodbye. (Strangest business meeting farewell party).
    I’m back home now and have been trying to contact them several times. No answer to emails and they won’t answer their phones. I am counting the business days (we’re now officially at 27) and hope to see a nice 40% down payment via wire transfer to our account in the next 3 days.
    In the meantime, and just in case the money never comes through… here are two pictures of the guys. This picture was taken after we signed the contract. The one in the polo shirt is the VP (I got a special ‘conservative’ suit for this trip!) and the one with the suit is the CFO.
    Has anyone tried contacting the Chinese embassy or something like that?
    You can see my original post (including pics) at:

    The name of the company they used this time was:
    Hebei Dingsheng Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd.
    They did not use hotmail but
    Their website is

  47. Today I saw in Alibaba a request
    for wine by Guilin Inlian Co. Ltd.
    Same address as the other Guilin’s…. So still in business, even they try to scam so many companies already. They will never give up, because always they will lure somebody under
    the dream that they purchase a
    large amount of products. I wasted at least 4 month, send samples and later they requested us to go to China, but after we say no they cancelled the order. All this companies in Alibaba or other sites, scammers they try and see
    who con be the next one, even if they get a few victims a years they will make a good living. I wrote a letter to de Chinese Consulate in Los Angeles, CA, I never get a response. So there in China everybody is free to do harm, because they do not face any consequence for their acts.

  48. Derk Morrison

    July 22, 2009 at 9:23 pm

    Can anyone tell me about Zohou Eastern Trade Co Ltd?
    They are a trustpass gold member with Alibaba which gives me some confidence but am still unsure.
    Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

  49. Why? You can pay Alibaba and get a trupass gold membership if you were a chimp.

  50. Folks, dealing with companies in the Asian market takes time. This part of the world is a high context culture, meaning they require relationship building first before business transactions can take place. They may take months before they decide to complete a deal. Gift giving is appropriate in China and the CEO is expected to receive a gift. They also have a collectivist culture which means they make decisions as a group and that takes time, but once they make that decision its a go.

  51. I was unlucky enough to be done by a China ! i odered from and he never sent me my goods ,it is now 4 months and i have heard nothing from Mr Mike Wong ,i went to my police but they can not help ,i feel sick when i think what that man has done to me……..beware of lucky human mannequin from China

  52. I have had the exact same experience as # 46 however I actually wound up buying a gift. In my case, the receipts were somehow switched because when I returned to the US, I had calls from my bank about fraudulent activity. It seems had purchased a $4,600 gold bar from this department store. Since my signature was on the slip, they would not refund my money.

    The company I met with is called Shenyang Lofty Ambition Company. I have all their business cards, a signed and company-sealed contract, AND A PICTURE OF ME WITH THEIR SUPPOSED VP.

    I am VERY INTERESTED in pursuing this to its lawful conclusion. Please feel free to contact me regarding this.

    Glenn Mantel

  53. I’ve seen your exposure of the scammer , Y&L Foreign trading Co.,Ltd on the internet. I’m writing to give you some evidences of their scamming. I once worked in the company without knowing it is a fake company. I feel terribly shame of them when I discover the tureth. They’re giving bad names to China. I can not bare seeing other companies keep falling into their trap. As a conscientious man I feel obliged to do something to stop this.
    Do contact me. I’ll be glad to send you some internal materials to reveal them.

  54. well.let me add you one more…these are contacts…
    fen chang is the name of the guy i was in contact…
    Payee name
    First name :HUI HUA
    Last name :CHEN
    City: SHENZHEN
    Country: China
    Tel: 86-1341-0592567
    Add: RM.2159,46 Sanzhong Road.Liuzhou,Guangxi,China
    seems like a phone is disconnected,and after i payed them by W.U they became always offline,do not replying email,even the site is impossible to open by link he gave me.
    this was my first experience,and i thought it is safe trading via alibaba…well,i was surprised.people like that making a bad name to other China traders.such a shame…

  55. Laurence D'Alberti

    June 21, 2010 at 7:21 pm

    We got taken. We got an e-mail from China – YuDeshui claiming to be a representative of Haikou Xinhongxiang Import & Export Co., Ltd. The e-mail indicated they wanted to purchase 28 34′ long tanks for kerosene in Vietnam. We quoted them 3/4 $million and the same day they e-mailed us an official looking contract. The contract was initially faxed to the wrong company who recognized us from an online bulletin board and contacted us which should have warned us. They invited us to China to sign the contract and finalize the arrangements. We flew a rep to China and the whole thing turned out to be a scam. Warning: Do NOT travel to China to sign a contract. This is not necessary for any legitimate company in China.

  56. The contract was initially faxed to the wrong company who recognized us from an online bulletin board and contacted us which should have warned us. They invited us to China to sign the contract and finalize the arrangements.

  57. Hopefully this information will help you. They are definite scammers:
    Xi’an Ji Hang Commerce & Trade Co., Ltd. in China
    中国西安吉航商贸有 限公司
    Tel:+86-29-81131866 Mobile:+86-18291835798
    Lian Hu District 268# Xi’an, Shaanxi, China el: 00c Postocode: 710068-81131866
    Contact person:
    Sun jianguo

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