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The World’s Biggest Dog

I love big dogs – don’t you ?

Really Big Dog!


  1. Yes, I do. WOW, that is a BIG dog! Any idea what breed?

  2. Neopolitan – the same dog Hagrid has in Harry Potter 🙂

  3. WOW! This is the mother of all dogs,I love it.

  4. are you not scared that it mit eat you lol

  5. i have a 3 month old neopolitan mastiff how to get the dog so big

  6. omg! i want one! i have a greatdane and she looks like a mini mouse to that dog!! what breed?

  7. WOW I ♥ this dog it looks adorable I would be belessed with a beautiful dog like that one…..♥

  8. I have a 3.5 year old, 175 pound Great Dane and it look puney compared to the giant. They should rename it to Andre the Giant.


  9. i have 1 of tthis dogs ther lovly my 1 is 18 muths old

  10. yeah i saw this dog in the largest dog compo last year and they said it weighs 282 pounds and stands 5.6 on all fours and stands 8.2 on hine legs, yes this is the biggest dog last year and deff this year and on.

  11. no way this is so fake i dont believe it

  12. wow thats sweet i been lookin to get a big dog where can i fined one like this.

  13. I love this dog extremely by far!!!!!! I need a big dog ASAP & i love the look of this dog, it has the resemblance of a Neapolitan Mastiff.

    My house got broken into on “boxing day” this year & all my xmas possessions were stolen! ='( I know who did it but i don’t have the prof, it was my neighbours. They are criminals & have only lived next door for 7 days before i got broken into, i know one guy personally & i would never trust him as far as i could throw him. But i also live right next door to my mother’s place & i have 4 dogs, 1 cherry nose X brown nose pitty & 3 English Staffordshire Bull Terriers, my mother said my dog’s never barked once that night, they’re too friendly & they’re only a medium sized dog. The theives who broke in fled out my back door towards the criminals house & by the time i went next door they pretended not to be home. My house was broken into even thiugh i left the house lights on inside & i left the TV going & my surround sound was up so loud it was like i was supposed to be watching a movie, my other car was at home as well.

    I need a dog that looks mean/beastly, big & huge, but is good with the family. Please get back to me ASAP with the breed please. I need a dog to keep the criminals away from my house.

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