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The Fine Line Between Criticizing Israel and Being Called an Anti-Semite

President Carter has been called a bigot and anti-Semite for writing the book “Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid.” Former General Wesley Clark has also been accused for anti-Semitism for saying that the U.S. is being pushed to war by “New York Money People.” The show host wonders if anyone can criticize Israel without the backlash.

Liberal Rabbi Michael Lerner debates Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz about the issue. Dershowitz said “I criticize Israel all the time” and said criticism of Israel is “good.”

Does speaking out against Israel really make you anti-semitic? Where is the fine line?


  1. Great post Shira..

  2. I would have to say, Prof. Dershowitz won that one hands down.

  3. It may have been the first time in your mind Jimmy, but think again. Of course, no peoples or state are above censure. However, as mentioned, Israel is vilified and demonised at every turn by the anti-Semitic like of Carter.
    This, needless to say, should not cause shock and awe; Jews have been deemed the blight of humanity since time. Nothing has changed, and, to be honest, it never shall.
    There is a difference of honest criticism and dishonest vilification of Israel.

  4. Ric well said,how right you are,there is a big difference between
    honest criticism and malicius intentional vilification such as

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