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Olmert Says Enough & Gaidamak On Evacuation Spree Again

Olmert ShrekIn a cabinet meeting yesterday Olmert decided to stop the “turn the other cheek” policy that’s been taken in Sderot. The rockets continue and with Arkadi Gaidamak starting his latest “Evacuation for Popularity” Campaign, it just “looks” bad. It seems that’s Arkadi is really pissing off Olmert, “Hamas likes to see town’s getting evacuated as a result of its attacks”, he said. Olmert did emphasize that the ministry of defense needs to use its resources to help the people in Sderot (good luck there…).

This makes me think about Arkadi again. I suspect that Arkadi is missing the whole “fighting for survival”, “Israel Independence” idea. I can understand that if you’re rich and things get “uncomfortable” you just leave and go on vacation. But, is this something that we can all afford?

I wonder where we would have been if Arkadi Gaidamak was in Israel during the early days of Israel’s existence. I mean if we evacuated every time we were under attack, well. I would be probably writing this from London, as one of her Majesty’s loyal subjects….


  1. And then if you read the papers, you’ll find some calling for Gaidamak to run for PM, saying “don’t worry about your past, we’ll create a civil rally”! (Really makes one wonder, just what is the price tag for Israel?) There are even some calling him King Gadymak. That’s some scarry stuff, jumping right out of the frying pan of corruption into the fire; with eyes wide open no less.

    He’s a nice guy alright. I once knew the nicest guy in all the world…

  2. BTW – Cute picture of Olmert, love the comparison 🙂

  3. Say whatever you like about Gaydamak. He deoesn’t have to this!

    As far as doing something to gain popularity, why not it is works?

    The government wants the people to stay in Sderot despite the Kassams,
    is like what happned last summer when all the northern ciityees
    were being socked by Nashallah’s katiushas.

    As far as Gt Britain during the bliz – a lot of folk did leave London, especially children. The British government did not force anyone to stay in the capital.

    People do what they have to do during an emergency. Who’s to say we living elsewhere wouldn’t do the same thing.

    I think Olmert is resentful that someone is stepping in and doing what he appears to be incapable of doing.

    Keep it up Arkady!

  4. Don’t get me wrong Maurice, I am thankful that the residents were moved out of harms way and I consider it a blessing. I think it may even be time for the IDF to “occupy” Sderot, if they are so concerned about leaving it vacant. Maybe its time they set up a few launchers of their own? I don’t claim to have all the answers, I just think Israel needs to be VERY cautious in where they place their trust these days.

  5. I like the comparison with Shrek,but jokes aside,as it usually
    takes a long time for the government& the army to act,I think
    we should thank Gaydamak for his generosity,where are all the
    “new rich” in Israel? they are probably busy making more money
    and looking the other way.

  6. I a think that Mr. G. is makin us an “offer we can’t refuse”!

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