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Birth of HAMASTAN – The New State of Gaza

The news about the fighting and violence in Gaza have finally lead to the seperation of Gaza from the West Bank and the “birth” of a new state. Israeli politicians and media are calling it Hamastan (sort of like Afghanistan but in our back yard…). I was surprised to see the amount of video that came out of Gaza and some of this maybe very difficult to watch. I call it the birth of Hamastan and it makes me think about the birth of a new Alien in Aliens 3… I am sure that other Arab countries are watching these events closely – and they really should. Some of these are clips from local news in Israel and I can tell you that eating dinner in front of the Television takes on a WHOLE NEW MEANING !!


  1. The recent development in the Gaza strip is a sad event for
    the Palestinians and the moderate Arab states in the Middle east,
    Iran managed to achieve a foothold in the area,and only a smart
    and forceful handling of Hamas and their supporters may eventually
    block the deteriorating situation in this area.

  2. I thought Hamastan was inspired by Borat, no?

    Even watching these video’s, I can not imagine living like that. It has to have an extereme impact on people. It looks like the picture of hopelessness to the utmost degree. So sad. I do not believe ANYONE would choose to live this way, for themselves or their children. So much of what these people do has to be a retardated response as a result of what they have been living. Do they know of any other life to compare?

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