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New Heat In The Middle East – The Good Kind

Gawker - Piece In The MideastThere is a whole bunch of fallout from the Maxim party in New York and the ad sponsored by the Israeli Consulate in New York. This is in general the story:

Andy Soltis of the New York Post broke the news on this unusual war. The bikini photo of 2004 Miss Israel winner Gal Gadot appears on formal invitations to an event hosted in New York tonight by the Israeli Consulate in conjunction with Maxim magazine.

The event is the “Women of the Israeli Defense Forces” article in the July issue of Maxim. The former Consul Colette Avital (Knesset Member), turned this into a shit storm and demanded a meeting with the Knesset Speaker Dalia Itzik to discuss the cheap and “pornographic campaign,” she also said that “It’s unfortunate that the Israeli consulate chose to emphasize Israel’s relevance with a portrait of a half-naked woman, instead of with one of women of substance and accomplishments”.

Gawker is having a ball with this in a great post called Hatikva Hotties he’s suggesting some alternative titles to the one the New York Post used (“Piece In The Mideast”) with suggestions like:

  • Jew See The Cans On That Chick?
  • She Can Occupy My Territories Any Time!
  • Hear, O Israel, This Chick Has a Bod
  • Di-Ass-Pora
  • Maxim InviteThe official invitation that included the sprawled Gadot on the background on NYC would have probably been better off without the Official Seal of Israel and the New York Consulate hanging right there next to Maxim Magazine. Interesting choice guys 🙂

    I guess I rather have this kind of heat then the ususal kind we get. It’s a nice change being in the headlines because of this sort of thing. Thank god for women. Aside from that I have always had the most profound respect for Israeli women. I am sure you agree 😉
    Hat Tip:

    Heat Packing Woman in Israeli Military


    1. Let’s face it, people: men like “hooters”!

    2. how low can u get? lol! this is definitely a cheap shot! tsk! tsk! tsk!

    3. Good ole Norm, still standing his ground 🙂

    4. Sure, what’s wrong with showing off beauty? Sex definitely sells!

      Israeli girls are some of the most beautiful in the world. Ask Leonardo de Cappalo. He found one of them!

    5. Sex shouldn’t be “for sale”. This brings about parades, burkahs and all sorts of strange things.

      On a better note: I absolutely Love and adore how Israeli/Jewish men take so much pride in and have so much respect for their women. They deserve it!!!

    6. i love jewush beauty…like the queen…mmm

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