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Katzav Gets Plea & Attorney General Looks Pathetic

Menachem MazuzAgain, the legal system is stumbling through another scandal. This time its our Ex-Pantless President, the one that was charged with rape of several women. Menachem Mazuz (Mennie), Israel’s Attorney General agreed to plea down the rape charges to an indecent behavior charge against a subordinate. This came as a surprise to the main witness, defendant A as she is known, and victim in the case which was completely removed from this new deal and doesn’t even appear in the new indictment.

Haaretz: Katsav is accused of having twice raped a former Tourism Ministry employee while serving as tourism minister, and of forcibly hugging her and touching her leg, which is classified as indecent behavior. The indictment will include an indecent behavior charge, but Katsav will not be charged with using force – only with taking advantage of his position of authority, a lighter offense.

KatzavKatzav’s legal team apparently brought forward a 120 page document that made Mazuz agree to the plea bargain causing people to now speculate about this case. A large majority of people feel that something “stinks” about this plea bargain. Either the evidence that was brought forward was very convincing (apparently discrediting the witnesses) or this is a case of special treatment given to Katzav..

In both cases the Justice Department and Mazuz are once again looking incompetent. For one thing the initial feeding frenzy and very severe charges publicly made by Mennie Mazuz himself, should have been made with a more level head and using better judgment. As you recall there was a “fire and brimstone” speech by Katzav where he basically lashed out against the media and the prosecutors, charging them with conducting a witch hunt. Based on these new reduced charges and the big reversal of the Public Attorney would this mean he was right? After all, he is going to walk away with no rape charges at all, no admittance of guilt of any kind, and what amounts to an unlawful kiss…

Right now defendant A is trying to stop the Press Conference by appealing to the Supreme Court for a stop order. The press conference is due in the next few hours where details will be announced by Mazuz and Katzav’s lawyers.


  1. The plea bargaining deal made for Moshe Katsav is perhaps the most outrageous an despicable thing that has happened in this country since the creation of the State. Let’s face it everyone – the man is a rapist and sexual pervert. He comes from a similar background as another “renoun” sex offender, Yitzhak Mordechai did. It is a backgound where women have no human rights and can be used solely for the pleasure of men. It used to be said that Israeli army female soldiers’ main “duty” was to be available to give pleasure to the male soldiers, who actually did the fighting.

    Now, it seems that this “duty” as been extended to other places, including both government and private offices. Moshe Katsav, if not going to prison, should be banned and ostracized forever from public life. His pensions, expect for National Insurance (a joke in any respect) should be taken from him – especially what he expects to receive for his 7 year tenure as President of the State of Israel.

    He should be made to pay such a high financial price for his actions as to be reduced to the lowest level of penury – even lower than many aging pensioners now have to endure.

    President – the office has been stained and still reeks with his tainted essence. This only goes to show the state of our executive and judicial system. It’s no wonder that so many hate us!

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