Moshe KatzavThe Katzav Saga is continuing. After the almost spontaneous demonstration in Tel Aviv of 20,000 people five petitions against the plea bargain Menachem Mazuz struck with Moshe Katzav. Monday, the State Prosecutor requested the High Court for a 48 hour extension to respond to the five petitions. The former president’s lawyers sent a formal letter that included this (Hat Tip: Haaretz):

“It is strange that the petitioners need the High Court, now the flames are dying out, and all that is left of the former president is bloodied remains. Now the petitioners want to drag the High Court to the city square and recruit it against the former president, as people await in line to appear on television and curse Katsav. We are in the middle of a medieval carnival, organized on the sweltering summer days.”

and this,

“Legal analysts, usually horrified by every act of injustice, are, in this case, licking their lips and clicking their tongues. The words rapist, pervert, serial sex offender are hovering around like heavy-winged, glowing fleas over a carcass.”

It’s true and maybe there is something to it but the fact remains that the reversal decision and downgrade of charges came as a shock to people. Maybe if the State Prosecutor took more time to decide on the initial indictment and its severity this could have been avoided. The fact that our President was accused of a number of sexual offenses by several women can’t be ignored. Regardless of the outcome, public opinion is what it is – Public.