This is a little gossip (maybe soon to be news) item by Cindy Adams that’s been floating around in the New York Post (Hat Tip: Ashley R).

Apparently this fledgling movie company called Film Department, backed among others by GE no less, includes board members Sheik Waleed Al Ibrahim and Zeid Masri. It seems that recently when a decision had to be made in the company about a new film this happened:

This all came to light when a development deal with Mark Gill was suddenly axed. “Dove Hunting,” an action film/love story about two agents trying to stop a terrorist attack, had a go in December 2006. In March 2007, it was full speed ahead pending financing of this new studio. Came financing of this new studio and, with it, six weeks ago, an e-mail trail that canceled the project. Seems some of the fledgling studio’s backers were not pleased with the subject.

Zeid Masri runs the McLean, Va., operation SilverHaze, which has in the past secretly invested Palestine Liberation Organization money through front companies. His SilverHaze caused the Bowlmor scandal in 2004…Bowlmor, a Greenwich Village bowling hall that does big business in bar mitzvahs, took in an infusion of fresh capital years ago. When Bloomberg’s Markets Magazine hit a strike and came up with information that the cash was, in fact, Yasser Arafat’s own dirty millions, the deal fell down faster than a tenpin.