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Turkish Elections & Israeli Tourism

Turkish Elections The Turkish elections were watched here and there was some concern over the massive victory of the Islamic party. After all with Iran next door and the Islamic fundamentalism taking over regimes and countries all over – we wanted Turkey to remain the fun country its been.

Israelis travel to Turkey often and despite the strong Muslim presence, there are good relations and a great deal of tolerance for the Israeli tourists. Any one that knows Israeli tourists would understand how significant that statement is…

The Turkish Ambassador to Israel said that “Turkey will continue to be a popular destination for Israeli tourists of course, we are honored to host them in our country”. Moshik seems to think so as well 🙂


  1. Tourism to Turkey has gotta be better than to Saudi Arabia (where Israelis can’t go – not yet anyway).At least you can get a cold beer just about anywhere in Turkey, or a glass of Arak, if your’re so inclined.

  2. Good. The election process different from the other countries. Tourism information was good and how they will elect the tourism related people in the government. Do they have any special type of tourism?

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