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“Bottle Blonds” are big hit

Yael Bar ZoharBlond hairdos are becoming more and more popular among Israeli fashion “trendies”. Though not a new phenomenon, it seems that as more and more Hollywood celebrities are seen with golden locks, so are Israelis, especially youth, who follow the trends being glamorized in “La La Land”. You don’t have to image about stars such as Britney Spears (when she had hair), Madonna, (deceased) Anna Nicolle Smith, or even Paris Hilton. Israel has it’s own versions of these foxy ladies in the form of personalities Pnina Rosenblum and Yael Bar Zohar, singer Shiri Maimon, and super model Galit Gutman. The reality in respect to all these ladies, and many more, including a sylph-like nymphet known as “Roni Superstar” is that “only their hairdresser (and their husbands/lovers) knows for sure “.

You guessed it; their blond locks came out of a bottle!

This is nothing unusual, as most of the most famous Hollywood blond stars, going back all the way to 1930’s superstar Jean Harlow, used peroxide and other hair color treatments to help increase their popularity. Whether it has something to do with all those “dumb blond” jokes, personified with the mid-1950’s Marilyn Monroe movie: “Gentlemen Prefer Blonds”, or just something dealing with how innocent, or even how “clean” a bond person looks as compared to a brunette or “brownette”; the blond hair mystique seems to have caught on in Israel’s melting pot society as well.

Israelis originate from literally all world ethnic backgrounds, and even Ethiopian Jews can now been seen sporting blond hair, with a good example being the model Mimi Tadesa, who was runner-up on the recent Super Model contest shown on Channel 10 TV. After all, If Tina Turner can be a blond, why not Mimi?

How many Israelis, even from northern European backgrounds who actually are true blonds is something that has to do with their ethnic origins; or, in other words, how much “foreign DNA” was put into their ancestors by invading armies or by feudal European nobility who demanded the “first night right” with every young Jewish bride. Rape, coercion, and other means of acquiring Nordic and Western European chromosomes, resulted in a certain number of Jews in both Israel and the Diaspora actually having genetic traits such as blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin; all desired qualities in today’s glamor conscious world.

Some groups of indigenous people in Israel, such as the Druze still have many of their members who have blond hair which they ‘inherited’ from invading Crusader armies during the 11th and 12th centuries.

No matter what their origins, many Israeli women believe that “blonds have more fun” and that this can be had by simply purchasing a bottle of Clairol, L’Oreal, or other similar preparation. Being blond seems to be more desirable in women, at least in this country. And if it works for Pnina, Yael, and Roni, it might work for many other aspiring singers and entertainers, not to mention young girls who just enjoy the added attention they may receive by simply “going blond.”


  1. If you look carefully, you can see the darker “roots” under Yael’s golden locks.

    But who cares. She has “hooters”!

  2. If you re-read what you’ve written (the order of the verbiage), it appears as if Madonna is deceased rather than Anna Nichol. I’d suggest, perhaps, that might wish to amend your unfortunate sentence structure.

  3. Look again, Doc!

    Ther’es a comma after Madonnas name! It might have been better to put the word after Smith’s name, but it was not done by error. What makes Anna Nicole Smith stand out is that her life, Like Marilyn Monroes, was full of torment and had a similar ending.

    Marilyn never had a child, but then again, it was probably better that she did not.

    As fas as Madonna is concerned, she appears to love children and is definitely making her mark as a lover of humanity.

    A lot more than can be said about a lot of other people!

  4. Look carefully at pictures of tomb paintings from Egypt and you will find most individuals who look Hebrew had light colored hair and eyes.

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