I never heard about Daevid Allen or Merav Shacham – but the animated video is great and we got an invite to an event where she did the graphics. I love good graphics 🙂

This is the invite BTW – if you happen to be in Tel Aviv or Jerusalem….
This is what the press has to say about them:

The Holy Hos

The songs on Jewlia Eisenberg’s album. . .are blithe and frisky. She sets lyrics about politics, jealousy and pizza to a world of styles, from klezmer to pygmy-style counterpoint, humanizing a great thinker while having plenty of fun.
— New York Times

“Meet Jewlia Eisenberg, the leader of the Charming Hostess band, and a unique creative presence in the American- and world- music community. It’s hard to compete with her eay ability to blend so many musical influences into a personal style..