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Petach Tikvah Neo Nazis

Petach Tikvah Neo NazisThe recent detainment of 9 youths suspected to be connected with a group of Neo-Nazis in Israel is something that is most disturbing in a country literally founded on the memories of perhaps the greatest disaster to befall the Jewish People. Though mentioned extensively in the media, as well as discussed in forums on talk shows and news commentary programs, the issue is being played down by government departments which deal with new immigrants to Israel – particularly those who have come from the Former Soviet Union, or FMS for short.

In a recent article printed in the Jerusalem Post, Mr. Amos Hermon, who heads a special government task force set up to deal with anti-Semitism in Israel, said that the government does not wish to “generalize” concerning those who hail from the FMS, since only a very small group of young people seem to be involved in this kind of organization. Hermon went on to say that these kids suffer from “frustration and non-integration into Israeli society” and that Neo Nazi groups in their home counties now number about 50,000. The number of people engaged in this activity is not known, but is probably less than 100, divided into small groups.

Still, the film clips shown on television, mostly shot with cellular phones, indicate an increasingly structured organization that often resorts to violence against other youngsters, as well as causing problems for older people as well – including religious people. Painting Neo-Nazi graffiti on a synagogue in the resort city of Eilat is something that is particularly disturbing.

And all of this is occurring in the country which has the largest number of living Jewish Holocaust survivors in the world.

Petach Tikvah Neo NazisRepresentatives of immigrant groups from the FSU are “advising” the public not to “generalize” the actions of their constituents as a result of “such a small group of people”. It was also emphasized that perhaps the apprehension of the nine Neo-Nazi members in Petach Tikvah may be a ‘wake up call’ concerning the lack of success by the government in absorbing the large waves of FSU immigrants who have largely been left to their own devices as far as being absorbed into the mainstream of Israeli society. This is in spite of the fact that a great deal of Olim, or immigrants from Russia and other FSU countries have served in the army and have found good employment opportunities; especially in the technology and science based sectors.

Despite efforts being made to try and explain the activity of these kids, including statements that many of them live in “Russian ghettoes” and feel completely separated from normal Israeli life; this kind of activity should not be allowed under any circumstances. The reality is that more than a fifth of Israel’s total population originated from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, and other FSU countries. A great many of these people, at least 250 – 300 thousand are not officially Jewish; which further contributes to their alienation. Besides Neo-Nazis, other fringe groups, including Satan worshipers and other similar groups have become more prevalent; with excessive drug and alcohol use being common.

As to what needs to be done with these “misguided kids”; they should be forced to attend special counseling sessions to discourage them from participating in these forms of activities. For really hard core members, especially ones who are in leadership roles, they should be deported back to their countries of origin.

Organizations of this nature are none the less dangerous to the future of the State of Israel than terrorist ones such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad. And the bottom line is that they should not be allowed to function at all in the Jewish State.


  1. I am in TOTAL agreement with you on this one Maurice!!!

    And Shana Tova to all my friends at OneJerusalem!!!
    Mine is off to a wonderful begining… I’ve emmersed myself at my first Mikveh!!!

    I am grateful to know that Israel is being lifted up in prayer daily by millions!!!

    People like this just don’t realize the curses they bring down on their own heads!!!

  2. And I agree too. I hope this problem doesn’t grow. Israelis son’t need another hate group in their midst. Especially this one.

  3. The seriousness of this problem must in no way be either underestimated or understated. We learned our lesson once regarding remaining silent on issues that concerned our survival. The entire nation and all of its people are deserving of respect, kudos, and admiration. What other peoples would not only have been able to build a country as magnificent as Israel in the latter part of the twentieth century out of pure determination, sweat, and tears. In addition, the country has taken into it’s midst others who’ve also suffered adversity and made them a part of our own. If they do not appreciate where it is that they’re living and the opportunities that are being afforded them then I concur that they ought to be re-educated and then given opportunities to grow based on their new understanding. It would be foolish to deport them in their current hate-filled condition as they’d likely only hate us more and re-enter our enemies countries to fight fervently against us. Education is the only solution along with our continuing vigilance. Happy New Year to All

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