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Wake Up Guys -You’re Outnumbered!

As Israel enters into the Jewish New Year of 5768, it now has a total population of 7.2 million inhabitants. One statistic is particularly interesting – for men anyway – is the percentage of males to females. For every 1,000 women there are only 977 men! Of course, that takes all age spectrums into consideration, including the actuarial fact that women live longer than men: age 82.2 for women against 78.5 for men. Despite everything, there are simply more gals than guys, giving the male sex something to celebrate in regards to availability.

The sex discrepancy is present in most countries, and except in areas where women really don’t want to go to, such as Antarctica, or some other inhospitable place, there are usually more gals than guys.

Other statistical findings point to an increase in Israel of certain minority groups, including Arabs and the growing number of people classified as simply “other” (meaning they don’t have a particular known religion). Many Israeli Jewish men, in recent years anyway, have begun to marry non-Jewish women, including many women who originate from the Former Soviet Union countries, such as Russia and the Ukraine. The statistical studies also find that more than half of Israel’s population live the country’s center, which everybody knows is the best region to party in.

All of these facts do not help single women who are still looking for Mr. Right; and are reaching the age where they may have to think about settling for “Mr. Compromise”. Go into any of the many singles bars and other hang out places in Tel Aviv, and you can immediately see that men seem to have more confidence when it comes to hitting it off with available females. Naturally, this attitude seems to be be rampant with Israeli men anyway, which has long given them a reputation of being a bit “macho” when it comes to their treatment of the opposite sex.

All is not lost however, in regards to women who still find themselves without a mate or steady boy friend. Israel is still considered a ‘young country’ in regards to the number of its population being under age 30. Compared to Europe anyway, Israeli women have more children then their European counterparts. While that fact doesn’t console many women who are single and “not enjoying being so” it does mean that women do have that certain “something” that makes them attractive to men. A little ingenuity and creativity, otherwise known as seduction, does work in the right time and place.

As for you men out there in this enviable position of being more in demand due to being fewer in number: Don’t worry – be happy!

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  1. That means we can pick and choose!

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