Albert Arnold Gore Jr., is a man who has had his share of career “ups and downs”. Following his barely losing the Presidency of the United States in the year 2,000 to George W. Bush, many thought that the former U.S. Senator and two term Vice President was destined to be relegated to the backwater of public life. Indeed, the man most people know as Al Gore, dropped quickly out of public life after seeing the most powerful public office in the world literally snatched out of his grasp by what may go down in history as the most controversial presidential election ever decided in American history.

Perhaps it was this cruel twist of fate that was instrumental in preparing Al Gore for what history may one day record as his real calling – and his finest hour. For not only has this man become famous for his continuous crusade against the environmental disasters being caused to Planet Earth by global warming, he is being acclaimed by millions as the man who has brought his message before all of Mankind. And this message has resulted in his being awarded with what is perhaps the most prestigious award that any human being on this planet can be given – the Nobel Peace Prize. It has been a truly amazing and miraculous ride for this man, who stood for eight years in President Bill Clinton’s shadow, and then became the butt of ridicule by a variety of comedians and talk show hosts in New York, Hollywood, London, and even in countries where he was not that well known. His continuous crusade against the damage being done to the planet by pollution, burning of fossil fuels, and other human induced forms of environmental destruction, including the burning of large areas of the planet’s remaining rain forests, resulted in his receiving both an Emmy and Academy award for his documentary movie “An Inconvenient Truth”.

This film alone, along with a best selling non-fiction work dealing with climate change and global warming has made Mr. Gore a man to whom much of the world is finally beginning to listen to. His graphic descriptions of melting ice shelves, glaciers, and even the Arctic and Antarctic ice caps themselves have given food for thought to world governments, and has even resulted in the U.S. President finally acknowledging that the current environment disasters such as mega-hurricanes and typhoons, forest and brush fires, severe flooding in some areas and severe drought in others, are largely being caused by humans and are not simply natural phenomenon.

Gore is being awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize along with a special U.N. scientific panel: the International Panel for Climate Change (IPCC). With the winning of this award, many political analysts are saying that this may persuade Al Gore to make another bid for the U.S. Presidency; as his popularity, and his dramatic message has suddenly catapulted him into world prominence. Those who know him personally, however, are saying that Al Gore has no intention of running for the Presidency again; not in 2008 or afterwards. What many are saying, however is after seeing his personal and political fortunes virtually collapse after what many consider as a victory that should have been his being literally stolen from him by the top members of the current U.S. Administration, Albert Arnold Gore Jr. has finally won his vindication over this terrible twist of fate, and has gone on to achieve an either greater victory.

Al Gore appears to be very happy in his role, and plans to continue his crusade to make everyone aware that this planet we live on, an “island we cannot leave” is in a dire emergency; and that not enough is being done to “reverse what may soon be the irreversible”. Besides, he may also be very much relieved that he wasn’t sitting in the Oval Office of the White House on September 11, 2001.

On another hand, if he had, perhaps what happened later in a country called Iraq might not have happened. At least in the same way, that is.