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Kamor Motors – Halutz is Selling BMW’s

Dan Halutz Kamor Motors
Well I guess if you’re going to sell cars that BMW’s are the “right” cars to sell. After his resignation from chief of the armed forces, Halutz went to Harvard Business School for a quick refresher course and then back to Israel. Since then he has joined the startup Starling Advanced Communications as Chairman (part of the Nochi Dankner IDB Group) and now Kamor Motors, the Israeli importer of BMW. The papers were quite busy in recent days detailing the various income streams Halutz is now going to be getting with these different gigs. Just in case you’re wondering he is getting around $7,500 a month from Starling and $2 million in options from Kamor Motors, so far….

Good Luck Dan 🙂

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  1. Hey this is great! Isn’t BMW the company that the Hebrew paper Yidiot Ahronot just printed an article about BMW’ Nazi connections?

    Halutz might have done better selling Toyotas.

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