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Drinking The Air We Breathe

Drinking The Air We BreatheHave you ever been outdoors on a humid day and thought that the humidity was so thick you could almost drink it? Well, a Houston Texas based company decided to put this thought into action by designing and manufacturing a device that literally converts the very air we breathe into safe, clean drinking water. Called the Aquamaker, the device which looks a lot like the water dispensers found in many offices and homes is able to convert water vapor in the atmosphere into water.

Though this really isn’t a new idea (air conditioning systems have actually been doing this for years) this is first time that a practical device has been manufactured that can create around 36 liters of clean water in only 48 hours. The Aquamaker was originated by the parent company in Houston, and can convert air into water in practically every country the world where there is sufficient humidity to do so. This idea has such far reaching potential, that an Israeli company, headed by Eita Markovits, is now marketing the device in Israel for customers ranging from private homes to the Israel Defense Ministry. The Defense Ministry has become so interested in it that a number of Aquamaker machines are now being used on a test bases in locations all over Israel, especially in the Tel Aviv area.

Markovits, who formerly was involved in marketing vitamin products under the Solgar name, is now devoting a great deal of his time and energy to promoting the device which costs around NS 5,000 to purchase, but can also be leased on a monthly bases. To make a sufficient quantity of potable drinking water, an air humidity level of at least 60% is preferred, although water can be produced in even dry desert air. To assure that no pollutants are created, the air is filtered during the conversion process, making the water even cleaner than most bottled mineral water with virtually no minerals. From a scientific perspective its pure H2O at it’s best.

The present models can be made larger to convert larger quantities of water, and have great potential for areas where there is a lack of clean drinking water. Combined with using solar panels to create electricity, the Aquamaker can be a truly environmental friendly device. On current models such as the AM10, it can make 36 liters of water on about 8 cents worth of electricity. That’s about 30 Agorot in Israeli currency.

Though the entire marketing and production of the Aquamaker is still in what entrepreneurs would call the “seed capital” stages, the long term outlook for this concept is excellent, and could very well be a solution to much of the world’s water problems. This is especially so for countries in tropical regions and for many others located near bodies of water like large lakes, rivers and oceans or seas. These areas usually have high humidity levels which can be converted into plenty of clean drinking water by these devices. The Aquamaker has passed standards tests in the USA, Europe, and Israel, and now being sold in a number of countries, including the U.S., Australia, Greece, Italy, and Spain.

With the earth being a water planet, and nearly 70% of its surface being water, there isn’t much of a problem finding sufficient humidity to convert into water. This means that the future is certainly bright for the Aquamaker.


  1. This cooler has had tremendous quality control problems in the US. The manufacturers sold several thousand, and most quit working within 6 months. The water storage tanks are also very prone to growing bacteria rapidly….

  2. With any new concept there’s bound to be some problems.
    But the idea sounds exciting. It sure beats desalinilization, which
    which requires a hugh investment in plant and equipment.
    And even with reverse osmosis desalinization, you still
    have to purify the water – especially when it comes out
    of “cesspools” like the Mediterranean, Black,
    or Adriatic seas.

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