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What Do I Make?

This is for all those teachers who are back at school. I heard on Internet radio today…

A young teacher had been invited to the house of one of his students for dinner. The father was a high-powered CEO and quite a wealthy man. Perhaps too much wine was served with dinner or perhaps it was just the father’s personality, but as the desert was being served, he asked the teacher “what’s a kid going to learn from someone who decided that the best he could do in life was be a teacher? After all, those who can, DO. Those who can’t, teach.”

The young teacher paused as he was about to put a forkful of apple pie into his mouth. Without looking at his host, he set his fork down.

“I mean, let’s tell the truth,” said the CEO, “last year, my production companies grossed over two million dollars. What do you make?”

“What do I make?” asked the young teacher. “I make kids feel good about themselves. I make the C- student know that he can be an A+ student with a little help and effort. I make kids and their parents see the best in themselves. I make kids know what it is to work hard to improve yourself. I make kids see an adult worthy of respect. I make kids see that they can make a difference in the world. I make kids do and re-do and re-do again because getting it right isn’t easy and it’s important. I make kids wonder about the world. I make them apologize when they should apologize. I make them respect other people. I make them think about how people should be judged.”

The teacher paused and continued. “I make them so excited about learning that years later they’ll come back to visit me just to tell me how they’ve done. I make them realize that those who can’t teach are forced to find less rewarding forms of work.”

Putting a piece of pie on his fork and looking his host in the eye, he concluded:

“I make a difference in the lives of students… what do YOU make?”

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  1. This reminds me so much of the book: Goodbye Mr. Chips

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