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Benazir Bhutto Assassinated

It’s all over the place. Benazir Bhutto was killed a few hours ago. Wonder where this “ally” of the US is heading now…


  1. Very sad day for world peace. She was an advocate of non
    violence and knew her life was at risk by coming back
    to Pakistan.

    What the futures holds now for Pakistan, and it’s nuclear arsenal, is anybody’s guess. Who was responsible? Could even have been
    people linked with Pervez Mushareff himself, Al Qaeda, or a whole lise of people who just wanted her out ouf the way. Both
    her brothers were assassinated and her father was executed by
    a former dictator Zia al-Hock.

    Looks like 2008 will be an “interesting year” as the Chinese
    like to say.

  2. There is no level too low for the extremist of Mohammad doctrine to stoop to keep this world in a violent state. And they really do believe that this is “God’s Will”, so deceived are they. A “Holy War” indeed.

    It stands to reason that if God’s Word is Life, deviation from it is death. Isn’t that what has been told from the very begining?

  3. What did we expect? until the Muslim extremists in
    northern Pakistan or for that mater everywhere in
    Pakistan are smashed,terror will continue everywhere.

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