Amy Takes FivePossibly no singer has ever won as many Grammy awards ever as British pop star Amy Winehouse did Sunday night at the annual 2008 Grammy music awards show in San Francisco, California. Amy, who happens to be Jewish, won the top awards for a female singer and song writer in a number of categories, including: jazz, rock, soul, and rap. Her Grammies includes Best New Artist, Best Record of the Year, and Best Song of the Year. She personally performed two of her top hits, including the one called Rehab, which is tied to her problems with both alcohol and narcotics and resulting (short) stays in rehab facilities.

Winehouse, whose physical characteristics include massive “beehive” hairdos” and a number of outrageous tattoos on various parts of her body, has possibly won more music awards than any other known singer. Other awards racked up to her credit include MTV’s top music award and Britain’s BRIT music award for Best British Female Artist. Amy writes many of her own songs, a feat not heard of since American singer and song writer Carole King during the 1960’s and ’70’s.

Her personal life has been nothing short of boring, and this has been known more recently due to both her and her husband Blake Fielder’s problems with drugs and booze. Although she has performed in many American cities, she was denied an entry visa on several occasions due to her problems with substance abuse.

Taking these “minor” issues into consideration, Ms. Winehouse has still managed to have a music career that has been the envy of many top singers, including Diana Ross and Janis Joplin, who although were popular in their time, never won Grammies personally.

Amy’s top selling album Back to Black has won gold and platinum music awards in several countries. She has appeared in video and DVD music clips numerous times on MTV and other music television programs, and is one of UK and European papa rachis favorite subjects for entertainer photo images.

Providing her head and her body hold out, the singer plans to release some new albums including one that has both Christmas and Hanukkah songs on the same CD and has plans to do some reggae music gigs and recordings in Jamaica with Bob Marley’s son, Damian. For all of our sakes, let’s hope she keeps belting out her music for years to come.