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Just to be fair to Obama

Okay, so just to be fair this is Obama‘s speech in Texas after winning the Wisconsin Primary… Looks like he’s the man to beat and that won’t be easy. A friend asked me what I know about him and honestly not that much. I guess its time for a more in depth piece …. Stay tuned.


  1. Yes, we should all check him out. He may have something to offer – especially in regards to bringing people together. Question is, should he win the Presidency, what will be his policies regarding Israel and………….

  2. Well okay, if we must be fair. He’d have to be pretty special to get me to change my mind about John McCain. I truely think John McCain will be the best President this country has EVER had.

    I’ve heard a lot of talk that Obama was raised by a step dad as “Radical Muslim”. This is a scary thought, any truth to it?

    I know people can change, and now he is a professed Christian; even still, one’s upbringing makes a mark on a person. That “mark” is not always what it seems. Sometimes a “bad” parent will teach a child what not to do. Just as a “good” parent can have a real “problem” child. Then, in the same family there can be siblings as different as night and day. In all fairness, these kind of things can be very difficult to discern.

    Keep us posted as to what you learn.

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