From the womb!Readers may wonder what the picture of a baby has to do with recent goings on in Gaza, where Israel is currently involved in a military action under the code name of “Hot Winter”. Well, my friends, the photo of a male baby wearing a scarf that read “The Izzadine Al-Qasam Brigades” that appeared recently on a media news site was made up to emphasize the way the Palestinians indoctrinate their children “virtually from the womb” to engage in suicide attacks against Israelis and Jews outside of Israel, particularly those who like to visit the beaches along Egypt’s Sinai coast.

The picture, however, also has another, even more ominous meaning, which has to do with a location that has one of the highest birth rates in the world. This proven fact has resulted in many Palestinians saying that in the end, they will defeat their enemy “via the womb”. It’s not difficult to understand what they mean by that. Israelis, including even the Ultra Orthodox Community (who has large families) only have an average birthrate of 3.2 children per childbearing female. This is in comparison with Palestinian women, especially those living in Gaza, who have an average of 6.5 children per child bearing female. That’s more than double their Israeli counterparts; and has resulted in the total Palestinian population literally doubling its population in only 15 years, or less than one generation. This demographic reality also includes Palestinians living abroad in countries like Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, The Persian Gulf, and of course Europe and North America.

Recent demands of being allowed to live in Israel under a “law of return” policy similar to the one Israel allows for all Diaspora Jews (and non-Jews with at least one Jewish grandparent), would spell disaster to Israel if such a policy was allowed. As what happened in South Africa, when millions of native Africans migrated there during the 19th and early 20th century, it wouldn’t take long before the Palestinian population would outnumber the Jewish one.

Even if the Palestinians eventually have bona fide state of their own, the total land areas of the Gaza strip and that of the West Bank are simply too small to sustain a population that manages, by birthrate alone, to literally double itself every 10-15 years. The result of this kind of population explosion can already seen in countries like Egypt and India, both of whom have abnormally high birthrates.

Israel’s Arab population has also shown significant increases in population, but not on the scale as that of the Palestinians.

Seeing how successful they were in breaching a security wall between Gaza and Egypt, that resulted in more than 700,000 Gazans pouring over into Egypt on shopping trips; some Palestinians are now threatening to do the same thing on the Israeli side of their border, and simply daring Israeli military and police authorities to stop them from doing so.

Golda Meir, one of Israel’s greatest prime ministers, once said in regards to Israeli’s having to fight their Arab neighbors: “we can forgive them when they kill our children; but we can never forgive them when we have to kill theirs!”

And judging from the recent escalation of violence by the Palestinians, including constant barrages of Gaza launched rockets at Israeli targets, it is obvious, as well as ominous, what the future might be between Israel and her ever-increasing Palestinian neighbors.