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Killed Over Parking Spot

Killed Over Parking Spot An indication of an increase in violence in Israel was clearly demonstrated Tuesday when a Holon man, Yosef Bavli, parked his van in a space that was claimed by a neighbor of his, Yaron Kabaz. Kabaz, who didn’t even own a car, was so perturbed by this that he let the air out of Bavli tires. When Bavli came back later with a friend to pick up the car, an intense argument broke out, which ended with Bavli being stabbed to death by the parking space “owner”.

As police officers led him away the accused murderer yelled,

“You want to see a killer? Here you go. It was self defense. He blocked my driveway, what did you want me to do? …. One of them stabbed me in the face with his keys. I stabbed him back like a mother fucker…”

Members of Bavli’s family said afterwards that Kabaz has a long record of being abusive, and that Bavli was a good boy who never hurt anyone. “People kill each other nowadays over the smallest things, even over a dog” a neighbor said.

The alleged murderer was taken back later to the scene of the crime where he willingly re-enacted the incident, using a plastic knife and making kicking motions with his right foot. He seemed very obstinate in his instance that he was only protecting what he considered to be his personal property. The police definitely have other ideas regarding this incident, which they say is one of many that have occurred in recent years all over the country. They denied, however that this kind of incident correlates with any increase in violence. A police department spokesman, Avi Tzbari, said that murders of any type are bad, but this kind was “especially senseless.”

Kabaz, who is alleged of doing the stabbing, has been remanded into police custody pending investigations to determine if he is mentally stable.

Violence among the country’s population has been in the news more than the police would like to admit, however. Whether it be domestic violence, violence among youth, or violence against elderly people, it appears that more and more occurrences are being shown on TV.

Violence associated with increased use of drugs and alcohol has also been evident and this appears to be a phenomenon that is receiving more attention. In the case of what is now being referred as “the parking space murder” Tzbari insists that this is “an isolated incident” and that it should be considered as such. “People get into arguments over parking spaces all the time, but not to this extreme”.

Isolated or not, one man is dead and another is in custody over a matter that should not have been allowed to get out of hand.


  1. This is not only happening in the ME, it’s happening all over the world. Rage is a strong emotion. Too many do not even begin to know how to deal with it. And this is not something that others can do for them, they have to want self-control. Sadly, there is not enough on the subject in the general media to open any eyes or give anyone a reason to want it. We’re only saturated with the after-math of what a lack of self-control can cause. I think a balance is really needed here. Problem is, giving one recognition for self-control and highlighting a better out-come because of it, just isn’t news. For many news of what is happening around them is the only source of “continuing education” they’ve got. This places a huge burden on the journalist ugh?

  2. This could be in my neighborhood. It is all over the world. People are told by advertizing to “HAVE IT YOUR WAY!” There is a distinct LACK of self control. Bullies are on the increase. We have had problems with people, and we are on OUR own property! But decent people must realize that these abusive people are NOT worth any retaliation. There are legal remedies, and just plain hanging in there.

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