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McCain in Israel

McCain in Yad VashemWe have another visitor these days, McCain is in town. After Merkel’s Hebrew words in the Knesset its time for the US presidential hopeful to say a few words. Anything is better then the mess that Obama is in with his rogue role model I guess…

Some Excerpts:

“If Hamas/Hezbullah succeeds here, they are going to succeed everywhere, not only in the Middle East, but everywhere. Israel isn’t the only enemy..”

“They are dedicated to the extinction of everything that the US, Israel and the West believe and stand for. So America does have an interest in what happens here, far above and beyond our alliance with the State of Israel.”

“Someone is going to have to answer me the question of how you are going to negotiate with an organization that is dedicated to your extinction..”

“I really think that we should understand that the US and Israel are partners. Israel is not a client of the United States,” he said. “If you are partners, then you don’t dictate what you think the terms of the survival of a nation should be.”

“I can tell you that I believe that if rocket attacks came across the border of the United States of America, that the American people would probably demand pretty vigorous actions in response. I think I know my constituency in the state of Arizona, and they would be pretty exercised if rockets came across our southern border.”

“At the end of the day, we can still not afford to have Iran with nuclear weapons,” he said. “We know they have ambitions that are not just aimed at the State of Israel.”


  1. I think it’s prudent to know who has one’s vital interests at heart.

    And McCain obviously does.

  2. That is great to hear! I guess that makes two items of interest that McCain and I have an agreement on (I do have some serious issues with him elsewhere, although most of that is located within the US).

    I’m steadily leaning towards him in 2008, although I would like to hear whether or not he would consider moving the American Embassy to Jerusalem.

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