If you run into people in Israel strangely scratching their heads, they might be German artists. Seven young artists from Berlin have chosen to express themselves in a very extraordinary way; they are spending seven nights and days in an Israeli museum in the company of lice.
Why? That’s a great question.

Is it art, gimmick, or the art of the gimmicks? This gallery has been loaded with provocations. Did these Germans intend to associate this unusual exhibition with the Holocaust? The Holocaust is still a very touchy subject in Israel. Holocaust survivors and their families might be offended, especially so close to Holocaust Memorial Day.

“We were aware that, as Germans in Israel, there was a risk we may be misunderstood, that we would open up wounds People ask about it – we had one woman who came and thanked us for making such a great statement against the fascist rhetoric of German history”, said one of the artist to the press.

Another artist explained that the group is exploring the theme of hosting.
I am a great supporter in freedom of speech, but some things just give the impression of being tasteless, even for the sake of art.
These German artists can enjoy their freedom of scratching. I am keeping away from this gallery.