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Gaza Chaos Continues

Children Killed in Gaza AttackMedia reported that on Monday, IAF attacked two terrorists who were located in Gaza strip; a mother and her four children residing near the terrorists were killed as well. Many Palestinians have criticized Israel’s aggression, but now it is unclear who holds responsible for this killing.

The Palestinians claim that the IDF killed the family, but the IDF claims that they the tragedy was actually caused by the explosives the terrorists used. IDF has responded to the ongoing rocket fire on Southern towns Sderot, and now on Ashkelon.

Ehud Barak, Israel’s Defense Minister, blames Hamas for this awful incident:

“We see Hamas as responsible for everything that happens in the area around Gaza, all of the strikes, and the IDF is acting and will continue to act against Hamas, within the Gaza Strip… Hamas is also responsible, through its operations within the civilian population, like the laying of explosives, for wounding some civilians who are not involved in the operations,”

It remains clear however, that this death leads to the next Qassam that leads to the next IDF attack. I wonder, will this vicious circle ever end?

In the government meeting this morning Olmert opened with an expression of regret (as in sorrow) for the loss of the Gazan family. He also expressed sorrow for the residents of Sderot and the boy who’s leg was amputated recently in the southern town.

The Army’s investigation of the attack in Gaza revealed so far that an attack by an Israeli jet hit explosives. The secondary explosions caused a house to collapse killing the mother and her four children. The IDF is warning of Hamsa use of the civilian population as human shields in their fight.

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  1. Why the Arab Palestinians are crying? YOU have to remember that the Arabs shoot fire directly and by intention to Israel populated areas in order to kill as many Jews as possible. Israel shoot fire back to the sources of that fire launchers and sometimes unintended, Arab citizens are killed. The reason is that the Arab tactics is to use those civilians as proPALganda shelter and make the Israelis hesitate to react and by that to gain points in their war.

    Now we see that the Israelis hit the terrorists directly and their ammunition and bombs ignited and further exploded their staff which caused the damage and death to the mother and kids that where near the same spot. I want to mention that it is repeating tactics of the Arabs to put the blame of each dead over the Israelis. It has started well before the Intifada broke out and still continues. Muhamad a-dura affair was the start in the Intifada. Just some weeks ago the Arabs confessed that they killed 1 month Arab kid as you can see here: The first-false version –
    And the second-true version:
    * Israeli officials accuse the Palestinians of putting children in the front line to draw sympathy, but Abel Rabbo said children participate because they feel the loss of relatives along with a sense of grievance that their rights have been violated by Israeli occupation. (CSUCS, Update 7, 7 November 2000)
    * Participation in the intifada-style violence has impacted greatly on a generation of Palestinian children, with many parallels to the problem of child soldiering. (CSUCS, Update 6, 19 October 2000)
    * Jacques-Marie Bourget describes in Paris-Match how Palestinian children under 15 years of age are trained to become martyrs for the purpose of having them carry out acts of terror against Israel. As the Muslim religion forbids suicide, these children are promised a kamikaze death which is said to be an act of the Jihad approved by the Koran. (Rädda Barnen, Childwar database)
    * Children below 15 years of age are in Hamas, a militant Islamic Group. (Rädda Barnen, Childwar database, citing The Jerusalem Report, 6 April 1995)
    * Palestinian National Liberation Army, recruits very small numbers of soldiers under 18 years according to NGO sources. (Rädda Barnen, Childwar database)
    * Palestinian commandos are as young as 9 years old according to the Machal Case Study. (Rädda Barnen, Childwar database)
    * Children in the West Bank and Gaza Strip have reportedly received training in guerrilla warfare, including mock kidnappings, by the Fatah movement. (CSUCS, Update 7, 7 November 2000 citing The Times, 25 October)
    * Street Vending – Child labour of under-12 children is found to be prevailing in street vending. (US Dept of State, Human Rights Report, 1998)
    * There is no military training in regular schools. However, in the summer of 2000 it was estimated that nearly 50,000 children were enrolled in military-style camps, which included military discipline rules and training in the use of light arms.
    * According to independent estimates, less than 1% of the total Palestinian adolescent population aged 12 to 18 has taken an active part in the clashes with the IDF (Israeli Defence Forces). (CSUCS, Global Report on Child Soldiers – 2001)

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