Memorial Day in Israel 2008Israel’s largest family numbering 22,437 members, the family of grief and loss, is remembered today. This day of remembrance is dedicated to all those who lost their life fighting for Israel, trying to get to Israel, killed in terror attacks and hate crimes anywhere in the world.

It’s a very difficult day where you take a closer look at the lives of the families who are left behind, the young soldiers who never had a chance to grow up. A day to remember young fathers who never got to meet their children, young women who were killed by terror attacks and other heart wrenching stories.

We sit at home and watch these TV articles and personal essays about people from all walks of life and backgrounds and how they lost their life for Israel. Israel that with all the issued it has (and their are many) is our only home. When Israel declared independence 60 years ago it had 873,000 people. There are more then 8 times that amount today. There are 7,282,000 people in Israel today – 75.5% are Jewish and 69% of Israelis were born in Israel.

When this day ends today at 8:00 PM the celebrations for Israel’s 60th celebrations will begin. It’s always an extreme yet somehow perfectly logical shift from extreme sorrow and grief to happiness and celebration..
I guess after we remember the people who made the ultimate sacrifice we need to enjoy the gift they left us…Israel.

Image: Reuters