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Israel 60 in pictures

Israel 60 Independence DayI was at Jerusalem Beach today and the Air Show was amazing. 60 Paratroopers started the day, then a Naval parade and finally an air show. There are so many pictures to show that you’ll need to click to see more pictures…

Riding through the streets of Tel Aviv, the Yarkon Park was a great experience. Independence Day in Israel has become a BBQ day. The “Mangalistim” (Mangal=BBQ) were out in full force and if it wasn’t tied down – it was roasting on an open flame.

There is a special feel for the 60th, there is a nostalgic, dare I say it, patriotic feel. We are proud that our little Israel is 60 and there is a certain pride in the air. People were having a good time, smiling to one another and generally more polite to one another. It was nice to see…

Happy 60th Israel !!!!


  1. I also saw most of the flyovers, etc., but from the Tel Baruch Beach as there simply wasn’t any parking in Tel Aviv. The naval flotilla was also nice. Too bad about the parechutist though.

  2. Happy Sixtieth Birthday Israel
    By: Amil Imani

    Israel, your people, as well as people of good will, are celebrating your sixtieth birthday. We, the children of Cyrus the Great, also would like to offer our heartfelt best wishes to you on this occasion. Yet, this, in fact, is your rebirth. Your birth occurred some 6,000 years ago.

    Regrettably, your journey from your early beginning to the present has been fraught with great suffering. It is a tribute to the indomitable spirit of your people that they persisted in their valiant struggle to re-gather again in the land of their birth.

  3. I had the pleasure of attending the Salute to Israel event in London as a guest of Anglican Friends of Israel. It was a fantastic day and I hope you will enjoy the pictures and video I took of the event:

    Short article with links to pictures:

    Video footage from Trafalgar Square in London

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