This past Sunday, the Russian Basketball team CSKA Moscow won the Euroleague crown after defeating Israeli basketball team Maccabi Tel Aviv 91: 77.

Despite a difficult year, the Israeli basketball team made it to the finals. The game against the Russian team was very close in the first two quarters. Although Maccabi struggled to cut the deficit , during the second half of the game, the Russian team dominated the field.

Yesterday, the players came back to Israel. When they arrived at the airport, only 50 Maccabi fans welcomed their return.

Who did not forget to show up? 500 fans of rival teams came to the airport only to mock the loss of their rivals.

Is this what is all about? Winning the crown? Why can’t we support our players when they need some encouragement? True winners know how to lose.

Of course it’s disappointing to the championship, especially when victory seems at arm’s reach. Nevertheless, many Israelis take second place for granted. Some people forget that is a small country competing against some of the richest countries in Europe. So, how about showing some appreciation?

Although I am not a basketball fan, I watched the game on Sunday. I truly believe that the Maccabi has done its best on this game under these circumstances, and gave a real fight.

Congratulation on a great game and effort!