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Breaking News — Israeli politics on the verge of a microphone

Breaking News

Ehud Barak gathered a dramatic press conference, and for the fourth time in the past year, told the media that he’s serious this time: “Olmert should resign”.

Another member of Barak’s “Avoda” party, Danny Yatom also went on air today, being overly solemn, and announced that he’s considering… yes, he’s seriously considering… to decide something in the future. What exactly? To leave the Avoda party? To call on Olmert to resign? To demand from Barak to dismantle the government? He wouldn’t say. But just like Barak, he promised to stop talking and start… Well, he’ll talk about it in the future.

Indeed, the political scene in Israel is in turmoil. More details to come as soon as available!

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  1. Barak would have to be one of the biggest liars ive ever seen. He has promised to leave the government many times but in the end remains. Whats interesting today, is that after Olmert and BArak had a meeting, he changed his tune. I also noticed Olmerts men threatening Barak in a YNet article by claiming that he and others also took bribes. Is there something Olmert knows that the public doesnt and is he using extortion to make BArak, and the others stay? We all know he bribed Shas to stay in the government, so it wouldnt surprise me.

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