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A Tale of Two Cities

There is only one Jerusalem. And there is only one Tel-Aviv. Both cities dominate the Israeli landscape, while each of them represents different aspects of the country.

Jerusalem is the capital. The heart of Judaism, and the largest city in the country, it is home to the Knesset (the Israeli parliament). Jerusalem lies inland, on top of several hills, and surrounded by forests and valleys. It is a conflict city, which has a large orthodox population on one side, as well as a large Arab population on the other side.

Tel Aviv is the heart of new Israel, the epicenter of its culture and its Western lifestyle. The first Hebrew city to be built by the Zionist pioneers, it lies on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and attracts young people at their 20’s from all across the land. Many foreign embassies reside in Tel Aviv — including the American embassy — since Jerusalem’s status as the Israeli capital is under dispute in the international scene.

The “Ha’Dag Nahash” (the Snake Fish), a successful Israeli band, has a rap song that describes the rivalry between these two cities. The character in the song moves back and forth from one city to the other, uncertain where his heart lies.

The song is titled “Ee’Ne A’Ni Ba” (Here I Come).

The first and third chorus goes like this:
Tel-Aviv, A’Ni Ma’Gia, Ba’ti Leha’Zia – A’T Ha’Yechi’Da, A’Ni Nish’Ba
(Tel-Aviv, I’m coming, ready to sweat – You’re the only one, I swear)

The second chorus goes like this:
Ye’Ru’Shala’Eem, Ho’Zer E’Laeich, El Ho’Mo’Taich – A’T Ha’Yechi’Da, A’Ni Nish’Ba
(Jerusalem, I’m returning to you, inside your walls – You’re the only one, I swear)

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  1. Ah, so now I know where Zohan got that music bit.

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