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A family visit to Berlin

Comic DrawingThe Third Ear (“Ha’Ozen Ha’Shlisheet”) is an icon of Israeli culture. For years, the record and video store offered Israelis what we needed most: rare vinyls, imported CDs, obscure films, the latest action flicks with Hebrew subtitles — In short, pure, wholesome, nourishing entertainment culture. The company has now taken another leap into the cultural foray by launching its own comic book and graphic novel imprint: Third Ear Comics.

The imprint’s first book represents a spellbinding introduction to Israeli pop art, inasmuch the author — Merav Salomon — heads the illustration department of Israel’s prestigious design and arts school, Bezalel. Salomon’s book, entitled “A Family Visit to Berlin,” documents and is in itself a journey to Berlin through the melancholy lanes of memory, anxiety and longing.

Third-Ear Comics has lined up a series of other high profile artists and young talent to provide an outlet for a group of artists who often fall between the cracks of the institutions of fine and commercial art. It’s an exciting breakthrough for Israeli culture since the company has decided to publish both local and international artists.
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