Noa YossefNoa Yossef is an amazing baby who is 9 months old. She is the eldest daughter of Galit and Oz.

Noa was born with a rare and complicated deformity in her digestive system. From the very start, her family has been fighting to ensure her a full recovery and a normal life.

Immediately after birth Noa passed her first surgery, then three months later she had another one, and two months ago she had her most recent one. During this last operation, there were new findings that entirely changed the picture, and currently Noa is in need of an additional and crucial operation to repair this rare deformity.

Due to its complexity, this operation cannot be conducted in Israel and requires many resources. The surgery and treatment will take place in the USA and cost approximately $80,000.

Due to her age and her medical condition, it is very important to conduct the operation as early as possible. Noa is currently functioning with a temporary fix, which is hurting her health, her lifestyle and her development.

We — her family and friends all over Israel — have come together to raise funds and support for Noa and her family. We are approaching each and every one of you; everyone who has a generous heart and will be willing to aid in collecting funds, and thus provide Noa with the hope to live a healthy life and to grow up happily.

“God willing may you always be on the giving end…”

Details for donations:

Direct transfers can be done to the following bank account:
Account No: 02647808, Leumi Bank, Branch: 954, Address: Ha’dekalim Street, Pardes Chanah

Donations by credit card can be done through the following phone number: +972 – 3 – 9250505
Please contact Anat and indicate that the donation is intended for Noa Yossef.

For anyone interested in their donation being noted as tax refundable, please write a check to the following organization: Amutat “Kav Lachayim” for Noa Yossef.

We greatly appreciate your response to this supreme and blessed purpose.

Phone numbers for additional details at any time of day:
Galit Yossef: +972 – 54 – 2280592
Liran Avidan: +972 – 52 – 8315145 or +972 – 50 – 3234390