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The Americanization of Tel Aviv

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Something is happening in Tel Aviv, especially in the northern neighborhood of Ramat Aviv. In the past two years, one could hear much more of the English language walking down the streests of the city. The reason is the relatively high number of foreign Jewish students who arrive to study at Tel Aviv University.

Most of these foreign students reside in the students’ dormitories, located near the university in Ramat Aviv. In fact, the situation sometimes cause dissatisfaction among the Israeli students, since their American counterparts are given preference in the dormitories’ admission process. In addition, the result of having more foreign students who get admitted into highly selective faculties — such as law and medicine — is correspondingly having less Israeli students admitted to these faculties.

Nevertheless, I think all these American students add a unique flavor to the city’s atmosphere, and they strengthen the bonds between Israel and the Jewish community abroad.

Besides, it broadens the dating pool. 😉


  1. i hope dosen’t mean toldly losesing the Hebrew & isralic langage I hope it will be uses to tranlate one langage to anther that was best part of my trip in 2006

  2. i live in tel-aviv for a couple of years now, and the only foreign language i hear on the streets is french.

    Carrie, don’t worry Israelis love to speak Hebrew it doesn’t really affect us.

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