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Sarah Palin Anti-Semitic?

Look at this video, especially the timeframe from 01:40 to 02:20. Apparently Obama isn’t the only one who has problems with his pastor.


  1. Hey greetings from the USA!

    On this video they said the person speaking at Palin’s church was a guest speaker.

    I am the same religion that she is (Assemblies of God) and have been for 25 years.

    I can assure you that 99.9% of Assemblies of God parishioners have the greatest respect for Isrealies and Jews and are very educated and sensitive to the strugles your country faces everyday.

    My grandmother always told me that the Jews were very respectful, dignitary, smart and highly educated and had a special place in God’s heart. I can say without hesitation that a vast majority of Americans beleive this way as well.

    Coming from the middle of the country and being a geographer I find vast differences between perceived beliefs that are exploited by the mass media and the actual beliefs of the average American which vary rarely make it to any media outlet.

    A Jew can walk down any street in this country at any time of day or night and have zero worries about antisemitism, as long as Mel Gibson isnt driving around wasted.

    I know you all are media savy but I just wanted to make you aware at how much the media will use the .01 percent to change perspectives.

    After several hundred hours of political study I can assure you that McCain and Palin offer Israel as Allies the best political scenario.

    Barack Hussein Obama will cut the military budget, pull troops out of the entire MiddleEast region which will open it up for God knows what and do nothing when Muslim countries think its 1967 again.

    God speed!

  2. I am the product of a Jewish-Catholic marriage–and whatever your thoughts may be on that, I can say that I also grew up in and around an evangelical Christian environment and while I many of these people are truly good “right minded” people I think this person’s assessment of 99.9% is extremely optimistic. There is a not-so-subtle current of antisemitism within this community that should not be overlooked. From personal experience I have no trouble seeing the message of this “guest speaker” resonating with a good many people in his audience.

    I have no doubt that the person who posted above believes what he wrote, and perhaps that is true of the people he knows. If it is, I am happy that there are places in American where that is true. I can say as someone who has spent a good deal of time in suburbs of NYC and small town midwestern America that it is not the case in my experience.
    Whether or not a Jew can walk down the street without concern isn’t really the point. Antisemitism is more subtle than black-white racism. Where I grew up a Jewish person could superficially blend in in ways that a black person could not. That doesn’t mean that antisemitism was absent. Personal safety when walking the streets is a pretty low standard by which to measure the hearts and minds of people.


  3. Greetings from The United States!

    I agree with the two comments posted- As a Christian, I have been blessed to be raised to appreciate the integrity, hard work, accomplishments and the oppression of Jews in our country and around the world.

    Jews have nothing to fear from Sarah Palin’s beliefs- as the minister mentioned was a guest- one of the joys of living in a free society is being exposed to others views, and having the choice to agree or disagree.

    The one for Jews to fear would be Barack Hussein Obama.
    He sat in the pews of a hate-spewing, America-hating, White hating, Jew hating Black Liberation Theology pastor for 20 years- Rev. Jeremiah G.D. AmeriKKKa Wright.
    He says Iran is a tiny country- and there is nothing to fear.
    He will sit down without preconditions with the madmen who would gleefully destroy Israel- and the United States.
    Obama is inexperienced, naive, a Socialist- and most frighteningly- Black Liberation Theology has deep, Marxist roots.

    Here is a page from the journal of “The American Thinker:”

    Marxist Antisemitism

    The black-power preachers, whether Christian or Muslim, have all been influenced by Cone’s re-write of the Bible around Marxist political philosophy, so it really should come as no surprise when one of them brazenly hurls antisemitism into the public fray.

    Marx pulled no verbal punches when it came to his desire to create a society “emancipated” from Judaism:

    Once society has succeeded in abolishing the empirical essence of Judaism – huckstering and its preconditions – the Jew will have become impossible, because his consciousness no longer has an object, because the subjective basis of Judaism, practical need, has been humanized, and because the conflict between man’s individual-sensuous existence and his species-existence has been abolished.

    Karl Marx; “The Jewish Question”; 1844

    What should surprise — and frighten — every American, however, is when antisemitism does rear its beastly head, and others sit by and do nothing.

    The question that personally haunts me now, perhaps more than any other I have about Barack Obama, is whether he has imbibed antisemitism as part of his 20-year training under the tutorial of Jeremiah Wright, using Cone’s books for his entire foundation of faith.

    Could it possibly be Cone’s influence that has shaped Barack Obama’s views on Israel, the Jews and the Palestinians?

    I shudder at the implications of this possibility, as I believe should every American of conscience.

    I would appeal to you readers of -to contact ALL the Jewish Voters you know in the United States of America- and urge them to vote for John McCain and Sarah Palin November 4th.
    It is of grave importance to the US and Israel!

  4. Alec, you are fear-mongering. I don’t think anyone with any objective reasoning ability sees The American Thinker as a credible news source – their editorials are damaging because they do not know how to report fairly. Palin is the bigot and the ones Israel should fear should she ever come into power, because her way of thinking is not open to reason being a fundamentalist. The Jewish have nothing to fear about Obama and it’s ridiculous to imply that they do. It is his foreign policies which are more likely to keep Israel safe, and it’s McCain’s which are going to continue to endanger it with his constant war-mongering in the Middle-East . I believe every American of conscience will understand that and vote for the more principled candidate, Obama.

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