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Help Darfur Refugees

African refugees live in south Tel Aviv and are lacking basic supplies such as food, baby clothes, pacifiers, and baby diapers. The folks at JBB Findings in 94 Alenbi St. are collecting baby supplies and then deliver these to the refugees’ shelter. You can call them at 03-5600115

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African Refugees in Tel Aviv


  1. I won’t help the Darfur refugees. Send them somewhere else. We can’t afford to help Israelis! How many people go to bed hungry every night in Israel? We have a tiny country of 7 million people. It’s not our job to save the world. Let them go to China. Let them go to India. Let them go to Russia. Let Saudi Arabia and Iran help them with their oil trillions.

  2. You are just encouraging more to come. They know that it is much easier, cheaper and safer to get to Israel than it is to reach Europe in a boat, and Europe are closing the doors on them.

    I have studied the Egypt / Sudan political relationship in some depth and can tell you that the Four Freedoms Agreement allows freedom of movement and trade between the two countries. Thus, there is absolutely no reason in the world why South Sudanese cannot move from Egypt to South Sudan if they feel persecuted there (even the U.N. is trying to repatriate them) – the civil war finished in the South in 2005.

    I know what you are told, etc., but consider, just consider, that perhaps South Sudanese are coming to Israel because they can get a better life here (in the same way that many Africans risk their lives trying to reach Europe in a flimsy boat).

    Sure, they are poor and down-trodden, and I’m sorry about that, really I am, but this does not mean we owe them a home in Israel. We are a tiny country with limited resources and huge demographic and social problems.

    Ofcourse, when the Sudanese cross our borders (and here you can blame our incompetent government) we are unable to return them as their lives will now be in danger – as a result of them having entered Israel in the first place. But, and here’s the thing, don’t you think that they know that before they come?

    In short, yes they are poor, but they are not refugees. You are actively encouraging more to come and thus destroying the nature of the State. I understand that you think you are doing something for good, but honestly, you’re not. The violence of Sudanese refugees in Australia is unbelievable, do you want this that to happen here? You have no idea who these people are. They could be murderers or rapists for all you know.

    Desperate people can and do tell lies you know.

  3. maybe it’s because i live in america, but it is disgusting that you wont help others. WHO CARES where they’re from. they matter just as much as you do.

  4. It seems that they really do need the help. I really wonder why some people get disgusted over helping some other people who really needs the help. Actually, we exist so that we would be able to help others improve.

    The Emma Academy Project
    This project will be building a school there in Sudan. To be built in Leer, Sudan, the school will be fostering the children and at the same time nurturing the minds of the young children there. This school will be for the children of Sudan, keeping them away from the effects of war. This school is in honor of Emma McCune, the angel who saved the WarChild. To help build a school, we would need to support this cause.

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