It doesn’t matter where you live in Israel, and it doesn’t matter who you support. Go out and exercise your democratic right to vote.

Unlike the general elections, which happen here in Israel every 2 years or so, these municipal elections will determine the future of your city for the next 5 years.

Polling stations are open in most places until 10pm. All you need to bring with you is either your identity card, your passport, or your driver’s license.

If you live in Tel Aviv and you don’t know where you should vote (each person is assigned a specific polling station), you can enter your ID number in and instantly receive a detailed answer.

If you live elsewhere, you can send your (9-digit) ID number via SMS to 052-9991854. This is a Ministry of the Interior’s service. An SMS response with the appropriate details in received within 10-20 seconds.

Let’s go!

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