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Athens 08 vs. LA 92

Greece is burning in flames. Anarchy is everywhere in Athens and in other large cities. The reason? A teenager who was shot dead by the police.

The 1992 riots in Los Angeles began in similar circumstances. Rodney King was beaten to death by the LAPD, and this is was the underlying cause of the riots.

Yet despite the similarities, the LA riots began only after the jury acquitted the defendants, while the riots in Greece began immediately after the shooting. This is a very important distinction. It says that the Greek don’t have any faith in their Juristical System. They would not even wait to see how this may fold out in court. Apparently, corruption and disbelief in bureaucracy is even greater in Greece than it is in Israel.

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  1. Rodney King wasn’t beaten to “DEATH”, he was beaten but survived, he is now in a reality tv program about his addictive behavior.
    Get it straight please………

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