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Ask the Candidates

For the very first time in Israeli history(?), ordinary people get the chance to submit questions to the major candidates who compete for the Prime Minister seat.

YouTube — the video sharing hub, owned by Google — is holding an open contest, in which everyone is encouraged to submit a video footage of themselves raising a question for one of the candidates.


  1. As an American, I want to tell you who you should elect Prime Minister.

    No, I am just kidding. I AM RESPECTFUL of the fact that this is a domestic issue that is none of my business and it would be impolite for me to comment on who you should vote for.

    Too bad you weren’t as polite when my country had its elections (perhaps your blog was different as I mean in general).

  2. Steve, you are more than welcome to speak up.

    Your thoughts and opinions are perfectly legitimate — at least in this blog.

  3. as an creek -venezolano i am respetful and that is my question for old the man and woman to elect primer minister 1 is the temple mount if hi win the election have the force to stop the destruction of the muslim wakf and the palestinian authorithi in the jewish temple mount 2 wath have the relacionship with the venezuela and the chavez-dictactory-arab 3 wath is the domestic issue for israel shalom y love israel a 3 the jerusalaim question is capital israeli or them think the partition in 2 one palestain one israeli for mee is the israeli captal of david

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