a different side of Israel

Life in Beer Sheva

It’s a terrifying sound. I remember hearing it during the first Gulf War. You close yourself in a room, and pray the alarm ends without a shocking boom. Complete helplessness.


  1. Why do American’s support Israel? Most of the average people don’t even know this, but we do. Israel is essentially a big Welfare State that U.S. tax-payers support. Jews (that have ties to Israel) have seats in our house, senate, local Government, media, entertainment and are major political contributors. From the outside looking in, some might say this is a conflict of interest, foreign interest that is ! If the above interests were filled by Communists from Cuba, would that be a conflict of interest ? I think so and I rest my case ! I don’t harbor much against Israel, be strong, be sovereign, but most imprtantly, do it yourself, we have our own bills to pay !

  2. thanks for posting here my vid.. more people need to know about the war.. now in beer sheva waiting for another war even 7 months later..

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