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The expected attack on the ground is on its way since yesterday evening. I think that many are thinking of the last time we were at war and the uncertainty and mistrust we had in the people leading us. There is a different feeling in Israel today. It’s been a long time coming.. We have had enough of the attacks and the constant pain of watching Israelis living in the south of Israel under a constant barrage of missiles.

I am writing and watching the attacks in real time and its insane. We advanced in technology, medicine and supposedly awareness and we are again dragged into this. The global financial stress is not enough, we need something extra to make things interesting.

I watched “Fair and Balanced Fox News” this morning. It’s amazing to me that a News channel like this can even exist in today’s world. Geraldo Rivera was talking to Hanan Ashrawi and I switched it off. Just hearing the introduction was enough. The world is coming to an end, Iran is threatening to join the war, Hezbollah is preparing to attack from the north and terror is at the door. Balanced my ass. The only thing that station sells is fear and bad energy!!

The people in the middle of all this are the people in the south of Israel and by far worse, the Palestinian families trying to move from the North of the Gaza Strip to the South – just trying to get away from all this and literally running for their life. There are no words to describe the pain they must be going through.

On the other hand, choosing a Terror Organization like Hamas to be your leader is like going on an organized bus ride in the Rockies with a blind bus driver – at some point you are going to hit something.

There is nothing fair about all this. We as a global society are measured by the weakest link and it seems like the more advanced and the further we reach, that weak link keeps getting weaker.

The Media war is on as well and the Arab world is getting behind Gaza in all its might. Understandable. What has been unique is the Israeli side in the media war, Arab speaking Israeli officers and foreign ministry personnel were interviewed, debated and heard on Arab media channels. We are adding here the live Gaza feed from Mako the Channel 2 News channel.

It’s been less then 24 hours and hopefully this will all be over soon. For the sake of everyone involved.

Just don’t listen to Fox..


  1. You talk in length about FOX yet fail to mention Al-Jazeera which is far more biased even once.

  2. Fox isn’t so bad. (Especially compared to CNN.) It’s Geraldo. Just switch off when he’s on.

  3. israel left gaza and gaza residents vote for the hams.
    no, did the hamas treat the gaza for economy? no!
    they only care for sending kasam and grad missile to israel citizen !
    israel close the barriers onley after the hamas use the open barriers to send

    terrorist attack to israel.
    the hamas use gaza citizen as a barriers thay steal all the humanitarian supply that

    israel alow to send, hamas don’t care abot the gaza citizen they attaks Israeli

    soldiers from school and citizen concentration.
    the hamas murderer fatah people. the hamas don’t want peace.

  4. I believe Israel has every right to do as they are
    doing now. They have given the people of there
    region every opportunity to live in peace and in a
    modern world.

    The people of Hamas, there supporters and any
    people who think Israel is in any way responsible for
    the death in Gaza are delusional. Your only existent
    can only be alone in a part of the world where you
    can not do harm. or dead

    I am an American, I thank God for Israel, because
    they help keep my people safe by the sacrifices
    they are making today. God bless Israel and the IDF
    I am so very proud to see the IDF use American
    weapons for what they are meant to be used for
    Peace by strength.

    Peace to the people of Israel
    Denver Colorado

  5. Live feed from Gaza, thanks to Ramattan,, and a relay server:

  6. graham Sullivan

    January 12, 2009 at 5:42 pm

    The recent events suggest that Hamas are progressively out-manouvering Israel is the war of perception.

    The arguement of ‘who is terrorising who’ and ‘who is defending from whose agression’ go the core of both Palestine and Israeli existence. Recent actions have significantly undermined the previously dominant Israeli position here- and it is hard to see how they might regain the moral high ground again.

    It is this war that the UN’s and ultimately the US’s involvement will be revolve around. The US abstention in the security council ceasefire resolution is a significant signal that it cannot provide indefinite support in the face of global repudiation of Israel’s position.

    The Israeli endgame of eradicating Hamas through a decisive military victory severely calls into question the ability of the IDF to competently advise their political partners. Despite the Israeli closure of Gaza to journalists it has been impossible to restrict the wider world catching glimpses of the horrendous situation that is being perpetrated. As a result Israel has been forced to defend the IDF’s actions to world and also to its key sponsors- the US and the UN. This is where Hamas have inflicted the real damage.

    Forced onto the back foot the Israel PR machine has been pushed into the realms of blatent miss-information and increasing irrelevance. Its credibility has been severely damaged, and continues to be by such revelations as the Israeli forced admissions to the UN of shelling a packed school building, while categorically denying it in public. Its public denials regarding its illegal use of white phosphorus in dense civilan areas have been found to similarly miss-leading. Hamas’s relative silence and primary reliance on directly reported imagery really has blown apart Israel’s strategy of restricting reporting and conducting a ‘talking offensive’.

    The debate has been altered to such an extent that it is now no longer credible to consider Hamas an ‘Agent of Terror’ without putting the IDF in the same frame- access to weaponry being the more fundamental difference than intent to perpetrate fear. One has terrorised and killed 3 civilians firing handmade rockets at several small towns, the other has terrorised and killed over 500 people and wounded over 3000 using 21st century guided missiles and weaponry within one of the densest urban areas in the world. Similarly the Palestinian claim that its actions are ‘defensive’ against a long term aggressor that has threatened it territorially, economically, humanitarianly and ultimately existentially, are very much more plausible than those of Israel. There is little doubt as to whether the current predicament of Israel or Palestine would justify the more concerted defensive action.

    Poor Mr Regev, the interminable Israeli spokesman, has been sounding increasingly deranged in his desperate attempts to regain the moral high ground. He recently told the BBC that Israel’s goals were “very minimalistic” and “purely defensive”.

  7. graham Sullivan

    January 13, 2009 at 8:52 pm

    It is indeed sorrowful to see people living in the south of Israel under the threat of missiles. In addition 3 lives have been lost from these missiles. However it is critical we also recognise how very much more sorrowful, terrorising and fearful the IDF action in Gaza is for the palestinians civilians- over 900 killed (over 40% women and children) and over 3500 injured.

    Sadly in this war judgement is relative as to ‘who is terrorising who’, and ‘who is defending from who’. The following quote from Israel’s first prime minister, David Ben Gurion, gives quite a good insight as to why the palestinians might also feel wronged and that thier actions are defensive:

    “Jewish villages were built in the place of Arab villages. You do not even know the names of these Arab villages, and I do not blame you because geography books no longer exist. Not only do the books not exist, the Arab villages are not there either. Nahlal arose in the place of Mahlul; Kibbutz Gvat in the place of Jibta; Kibbutz Sarid in the place of Huneifis; and Kefar Yehushua in the place of Tal al-Shuman. There is not a single place built in this country that did not have a former Arab population.”
    — David Ben Gurion, quoted in The Jewish Paradox, by Nahum Goldmann, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1978, p. 99

  8. a very intresting blog as i am from the uk and find our news to be on a day to day basis one sided, this will depend on the amount of shots of terror they can caputure. i do belive any such conflict with a under lying hatred to do with religion is very unlike what any religion preaches. i will carry on reading your blog to try and get a better understanding of what the thoughts are from your side

  9. fils de putes de merde, voues mértiez d’être brulé entre vos murs. manipulateurs de l’opinion public, vous avez bloqué gaza durant 6 mois, sans norriture ni médicaments. vous méritez le pire traitement qu’on peut perpétuer sur un être vivant. mais ne vous inquétez pas on n’est pas vous, on peut pas tuer des enfants qui jouent dans la rue, on ne peut pas dire aux enfants, femmes et vieillard d’aller se cacher dans une école puis les bombarder avec des armes interdites.
    ne vous inquétez pas! vous ne terminerez jamais avec hamas, c’est vous qui allez disparaitre un de ces jours. parceque bien que vous soyez de très grands manipulateurs, menteurs et vicitimistes vous ne pourrez pas continuer à cacher les vérités aux gens. parceque comme on dit “une image vaut plus que mille mots”

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