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Humanitarian Corridor Open Today

As a result of the attack on the UN school yesterday and the condition of the population in Gaza a decision was made to open a “Humanitarian Corridor”. Specific areas in Gaza are now free of attacks and are kept quiet for the population to get food, water and medical supplies.

The attack we mentioned yesterday turned out to be as bad as we thought it would be. Depending on who you ask there were 30 to 40 killed, mostly civilians.

The “Al Fahorah” school was a UN school and while it was closed it was housing refugees that were taking shelter there. The School, according to the army, was being used by Hamas commanders as a base and rocket units were firing from the school yard.

In any case there were a large number of civilians killed in this attack and the decision was made to offer a break for the population. The corridor is open right now and I guess its one sided because we are still getting rocket fire…

This is the video the army put out of the rockets being fired from the School – these were taken Dec. 31, 2007.



  1. Jorge Luis Valcarcel

    January 7, 2009 at 5:18 pm

    Why has the world press not picked up on the video of the rockets being launched from the U.N. school? Or the video clip of a young Palestinian boy being draged across the street as a human shield? The silence on this is outrageous! Such a manipulation of the media has not been seen since the 1930’s in Germany.

    Golda Meir got it right when she pointed out that peace will not come until they (the Palestinians) love their children more than they hate Jews.

    Gaza is indeed being terrorized. By its own people (Hamas) that is.

    I pray for the Nation of Israel, and those in the Palestinian community that have peace in their hearts and in their actions.

  2. I agree with Golda Meir, when she talked about forgiveness for the arabs when they start loving thier children more than the arabs hate them. Forgive my langauage, but when muslems start using their children as sheilds for propaganda reasons then all I can say is that they are pussies. When a people can hide behind children, that proves that they not only hate their own children, they hate their own faith. This proves to me that there is no allah, because, no god that they pray to would ever stand for their actions of using his children to sheild them selves. Go to hell all you who hate children.

  3. shalom that is good for the civilian and the children but is also good for the terroris and his alied for propagands the enemy of israel chavez celebraint that yesterday heer in venezuela and the muslim-venezolanos proclaim him as benefactor and salvior of palestain send helping humanitarie of palestain in medio of egipt if you in israel send open for good the humanitarian corridor y im friend of israel and horrifiquer who benefic that chavez who hated israel shalom

  4. I think it’s really sad that the Israelis doesn’t understand the rage, the disgust and the pain they inflict on the world as a whole by their actions. It reminds me of Britain at the end of their empire’s reign. It reminds me of the boers in South Africa in the late 80’s. It reminds me of the gun lobby in the US. You’re just out of touch with reality, expaining the killing of hundreds and hundreds of civilians and spreading horror and unescapable fear for millions. I hope you come to your senses and stop supporting your terrorist government. Terror for votes? We haven’t seen that since the German election in the early 30’s. Shame on you.

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