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Sounds Of War – Alarm Announcement in Sderot on National Radio

You have to live here and be an Israeli I think to realize how (tragically some say) we quickly adapt to our tumultuous environment. There were several issued with the alarms (Red Alerts) in several cities. It was an intermittent issue and the local municipalities in the South really did their utmost to resolve these issues. But the fact remains that when you are in the South of Israel (an hour from Tel Aviv) you can be driving in your car and a Red Alert sounding will not be heard.

SO.. The national radio channels Galatz and Galgalatz both managed by the IDF are announcing the alerts in real time as they get them from the Army. Even if they are in the middle of a song or any broadcast they calmly announce the city and ask you to go to the shelters.

What is strange is the sometimes stark contrast between the music and the announcement as the announcer in this case mentions…. take a listen:


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  1. It disturbs me greatly to see the world stack up against Isreal defending herself. I support you, and I pray that God will deliver you. I am especially ashamed of America in their lack of support for your needs at this time. You will emerge victorius.
    God bless one and all

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