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Tel Aviv Might Close Only Adolescence Clinic

This morning I read a small news report in a local magazine that I think should get much more attention.

The magazine piece tells of an Adolescence Clinic in Tel Aviv that serves youth in the ages of 12 to 18, for free, without informing their parents (if the teens so desire). As a teen, you don’t need to bring any letter of reference (from your family doctor, your school counselor, or your parents) in order to receive treatment and care. Since most teenagers are very envy of their privacy and their personal space, this promise of anonymity is very crucial in encouraging them to seek counseling and professional advice.

The clinic is located in the Strauss House, 14 Balfour Street, Tel Aviv. It deals with eating disorders, sexual development, teen pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases, and psychological disorders. The clinic belongs to the Municipality of Tel Aviv – Jaffa.

Most teens who arrive at the clinic, seeking help, reside in the southern parts of the city, in poor neighborhoods.

Well, at first glance I thought how wonderful it is to hear that such a clinic even exists in Tel Aviv. But then the report says that the 2009 budget put forth by the City Council doesn’t include any funding of the Adolescence Clinic. This abrupt stop in funding means the clinic would have to be closed.

If you’re a Tel Aviv resident, feel free to write your representatives in city hall and tell them how you feel about it.


Adults who seek professional counseling but can’t afford it, can try their luck at the clinic for the care of children, teens, and families. It’s located at 16 Ha’Harba’A Street, in Tel Aviv, and it offers free or subsidized counseling for children, couples, and families — including cutting-edge treatments such as Biofeedback and CBT. The clinic belongs to the Ministry of Health, and there might be a long waiting list, depending on your problems and the treatment you seek.

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