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Full Moon Elections

Tomorrow Israel elects a new Prime Minister. But tonight… tonight Israel celebrates the New Year of Trees, or Tu B’Shvat (15 in the month of Shvat).

Because the Jewish calender is a lunisolar calendar, the 15 of each Jewish month is always a full moon night. Another Jewish holiday that is marked by the full moon is Tu B’Av, or 15 in the month of Av, which marks the Jewish version of Valentine’s.

Tu B’Shvat has its own traditions, such as reading a special book, similar to the Haggadah of Passover. We also eat lots of dried fruits during Tu B’Shvat… Which might make the polling lines somewhat agitated tomorrow.

So eat and drink my friends, and go tomorrow to consummate your democratic right to vote.


  1. Just wanted to say, my prayers are for you Israel and my friends at this election day.

    And remember… Love your neighbor…and stay away from the prunes 🙂

  2. shalom mi humiliti question for the candidates for the primer minister is 1 them have the force to stop the destruction of the jewihs-salomon-temple-mount in the hans of the muslim wakf and the palestinian authority 2 them have the force to have yerusalaim to not be palestinian capital to be unificated israel capital 3 who be the relasionship with chavez and for mee y love bery much israel and y frist cungatulation who bee primer minister if you send that shalom

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