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Tefillin Anime

This lovely video was made by Yoav Lustig. It depicts a young boy attempting to wear the traditional Tefillin.

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  1. A beautiful command. To make the Word of God a part of you.

    Not being Jewish, I’ve never worn a Tefillin. I have always Loved to keep His Word (HaShem/His Name) all around me. I do so in the form of art on my walls, verses on my garden stones, jewelry, clothing, etc. The amazing sense of wellbeing I derive from constant reminders of His promised presense; I wouldn’t want to even think about living without!

    Ani Ahava Atah, Blessed be the God of Israel, Blessed be HaShem/His Name/His Word!!! Forever and ever, AMEN.

    And Blessed be he who comes in the Name of the Lord!!!

    Yep, I am full of Him and LOVING IT!!!

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