There’s a new happening in town. It’s called the “Opera Fringe” center, and it’s located inside the Mendel Cultural Center at 1 Ha-Tkuma Street, Jaffa.

The newest show in the Opera Fringe center is called “Operation #1” and it features 3 consecutive works or art that combine opera singing, short film, and mostly dance: “La Divina” by Shlomit Fundaminsky, “I am Salome too” by Maya Weinberg, and “Manual” by Iris Erez. The entire show lasts about an hour and costs approximately 60 NIS. You can reach the center at 03-6819289.

Operation #1

A friend of mine who had seen the show a few days ago was very impressed by this experimental project:

Shlomit provoked me with a performance that had succeeded to penetrate the deepest corners of my heart. In addition to her already unique and explosive style, her dance included dramatic gestures that capture the fragile sole of her inspirational Diva, opera singer Maria Callas.

Shlomit Fundaminsky is a renowned choreographer and dancer. Here’s a short clip that demonstrates one of of Shlomit’s previous choreography works (this doesn’t appear in Operation #1):