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A Cake to Die For

This is apparently the real thing. I can’t say if its been manipulated or not, but regardless its an interesting and original idea for a tombstone.

I mean if everyone chose cool topics for their tombstones then going to visit someone in the cemetery would be a much more pleasant (and in this case even useful) experience. I would even say that the likelihood that more people would remember the people in the ground would substantially improve.

BTW, the recipe on the tombstone is for Yankale’s Yiest Cake. I guess Yiest cake is the only way to translate it although it sounds a little funny. It’s a great cake to have with coffee and is sort of a favorite. I guess this one was so good that the couple decided to share it with anyone who came to visit.

AGAIN, no guarantees on the authenticity of this picture 🙂

Yankale Cake Recipe

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  1. Authentic or not, I’m going to try this recipe… 😀

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